Do More Than Before with Carlson Takeoff (T4)

Software for all your estimating and data prep needs

Maysville, Ky., U.S.A. (December 7, 2010)— For the very latest in estimating and data prep innovation on top of the AutoCAD® platform, here’s Carlson Takeoff 4.0 (T4), the newest version of this accurate and easy-to-use software, which was first introduced by Carlson in 2004.

T4 allows users to estimate and report cut/fill quantities, subgrade materials, topsoil removal/replacement, overexcavation, trenching, roads and strata calculations from a variety of possible sources. These include: CAD drawings (.dwg, .dxf, and .dgn), paper plans digitizing, PDF and TIFF images, and LandXML files.

In addition to this flexibility, T4 has powerful commands to quickly take plans from 2D to 3D, manipulate linework, and clean up “bad CAD” from engineers. For data prep, Takeoff 4.0 gives users survey capabilities for layout and the ability to create 3D models for machine control in the native Topcon®, Trimble®, Leica®, or Carlson format.

“T4 harnesses the power of AutoCAD to enable contractors and estimators to get their work done faster, and with a greater degree of accuracy,” says Todd Carlson, product manager for Carlson Takeoff. “They’ll find T4 is a complete product – it works with the many different data sources used for today’s varied construction applications.” 

Top new enhancements of Carlson Takeoff 4.0 include:
• Working with PDFs more easily – PDF Import now recognizes text and colors for a faster PDF-to-Quantities workflow.
• Dynamic Elevating – Elevate from contours and spot elevations at the same time.
• Detailed Trenching Reports – Get linear footage breakdown by pipe size, material and depth. Specify backfill from the top, bottom, and/or relative to top of pipe.
• Advanced Strata Modeling – Create strata surfaces from drillhole data by the linear least-squares or the inverse distance to the 2nd/3rd power methods for more accurate strata volumes.

Carlson Takeoff 4.0 comes with the AutoCAD OEM engine built-in, giving users the ability to directly read in the latest AutoCAD 2011 .dwg/.dxf drawing format. This product is in addition to Carlson Takeoff 2011, a module of the Carlson 2011 office product line, which comes with IntelliCAD® 6.6 built-in, and runs on AutoCAD/Map/Civil3D®, versions 2000 and up. Takeoff also has the ability to run on 64-bit computers and is XP, Vista, and Windows7® compatible.

Visit for a full list of improvements and to watch product videos. For more information about Carlson Takeoff 4.0 or to find a Carlson Takeoff dealer near you, call Carlson Software at 800-989-5028 or 606-564-5028. To download a 30-day demo of this new product from Carlson Software, click on the demo request link on the top right-hand side of

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