LSACTS Announces the Release of Two New White Papers and the Addition of New Council Member D. Ian Wilson

San Diego, CA – Today, the Land Surveyors Advisory Council on Technical Standards announces the release of a two new white papers, entitled Land Surveyor Liability (Part 8 of 9), A Land Surveyor’s Guide to Defamation and Free Speech, and Ground Leases/Leasehold Estates and the Surveyor, both authored by David E. Woolley, PLS. These white papers can be found on our website at, under the White Paper heading.

Land Surveyor Liability (Part 8 of 9), A Land Surveyor’s Guide to Defamation and Free Speech explores the legal concepts of free speech, defamation, libel, and slander as they relate to our profession and dives into the “land surveyor’s professional responsibilities of honesty, accuracy and the requisite absence of malicious intent.”

Dave Woolley commented, “A common saying in Washington D.C. is that you can sue a ham sandwich, which means standing isn’t always necessary. As groups and individuals compete in the professional market, occasionally lines are crossed and the inclination to seek retribution or justice through the court system is sought to right a perceived wrong. This type of justice is usually in the form of a claim of defamation. If you have ever thought about suing a professional for slandering your good name or if you have ever been threatened with a lawsuit for defamation, this paper will be of interest.”

Ground Leases/Leasehold Estates and the Surveyor examines the necessary steps for the proper construction and regulatory elements of a lease, and the roles many professionals play, including attorneys, real estate brokers, appraisers, lenders, architects, engineers, surveyors, planners, contractors and title insurance companies. This white paper provides the reader with specifics regarding the surveyor’s professional obligations when surveying a lease, including compliance with existing California statutes, along with practical practice tips to consider.

New Council Member Named
LSACTS is also pleased to announce the addition of a new council member, D. Ian Wilson. Council Member Wilson is the Director of Survey for Cardno WRG based in Roseville, California. His surveying career started in 1988 after a short career as a research chemist. His sphere of survey knowledge and experience spans the length and breadth of California, both in private and public sector positions. Council Member Wilson is also licensed in the State of Nevada, is an active member of the California Land Surveyors Association, Sacramento Chapter, and currently serves as the Professional Practice Committee Vice-Chair and Corresponding Secretary. He is also the past president of the Fresno and Riverside/San Bernardino Chapters. In his free time he enjoys SCUBA Diving and is a Certified Dive Master.

Council Member Wilson is a believer in lifelong learning and comes to LSACTS with the desire to improve the surveying profession and its perception among the community of legal and design professionals.

As a reminder LSACTS has added the ability for others to join in our efforts and become corresponding members. As a corresponding member, you will be added to our mailing list and will have the opportunity to submit self-authored works such as technical papers or white papers for endorsement by the council.

The council remains committed to the goals set forth in our mission statement and is looking forward to future white paper releases dedicated to the professional land surveying community.