GPS + GLONASS + GIOVE Real-Time Clock Product

I am happy to announce that a GLONASS real-time product is now available from DLR/GSOC. In addition to GPS and GIOVE, DLR’s RETICLE system also provides real-time GLONASS clocks based on orbits from an experimental Ultra-rapid GLONASS combination from IGS. The GLONASS clocks are estimated based on carrier-phase measurements only and there may be a variation of the mean of all GLONASS clocks with respect to the mean of all GPS clocks, which must be accounted for in a PPP solution.

The real-time orbit and clock products are freely available via ftp and also as real-time data streams from an NTRIP-caster. The FTP-server provides access to products from a GPS-only solution and a combined GPS/GLONASS/GIOVE solution. The latest SP3-file is provided with 5 min latency and retained for one week. The FTP-Server can accessed as follows:

Server :
User   : reticle
Passwd : getReticle
Dir    : "pub/reticle/clks0/" (GPS) or "pub/reticle/clks1/" (GPS+GLONASS+GIOVE)

In addition to the ftp-access, RETICLE also offers real-time data streams in RTCM3-format via the dedicated NTRIP-Caster "".

Please note that these products are generated on a best-effort basis and there is no guarantee for their performance and availability! This disclaimer applies to the new combined GPS+GLONASS+GIOVE orbit and clock product in particular, which may be affected by reduced reliability and availability. For feedback, questions or access information to the NTRIP-streams please contact andre.hauschild @