’Tween Historical Fiction Novel Blends U.S. History with GIS Savvy

Redlands, California—In Chaos Cave: A Revolutionary Adventure, author Lesley Downie tells the story of Mattie and Josh, siblings who travel through time and use GIS maps to secure victory in the Revolutionary War.

When the kids explore a mysterious cave, they are transported to 1775 Boston. In a quest to return home to their dad, a GIS expert, they join forces with famous patriots and witness first-hand the days leading up to Revolutionary War. By using their laptop computer and GIS maps, the kids are instrumental in American triumph. But, Mattie and Josh must solve the mystery of the skeleton, the puzzle box, and the ring in time to return home before war breaks out.

“The unique blend of historical fantasy and modern GIS technology make Chaos Cave: A Revolutionary Adventure both educational and interesting, but it is Downie’s skillful writing, artful pacing and the humanity of her characters that make the novel fun and captivating,” said Mark Stewart, a GIS educator. “This is definitely a story that deserves a whole series!”

About the Author:
At the age of ten, Lesley discovered she wanted to be a writer after tragedy struck her family’s gold-and-green-toned living room in the summer of 1970. It was then that the 15-inch black-and-white television, with no remote, broke! With nothing to do, Lesley set off to the bookstore where she found the novels that would inspire her to pick up a pen and write down her own stories. In the time it took to fix the TV, she’d read Little Women and the whole Little House on the Prairie series.

Currently, Lesley works for Esri, the leader in geographic information systems (GIS) technology. She divides her time between work, writing, and her family. She shares her life in Redlands, California with her husband, teenage son, and their fat, wheezy, English bulldog named Missy, who would make an excellent heroine in a picture book series named Fat Girl. More to come on that!

For more information, visit www.lesleydownie.com

Chaos Cave: A Revolutionary Adventure is available at lesleydownie.com and at amazon.com