ERDAS 11 World Tour Makes Appearance in Leicester, UK

Norcross, GA — ERDAS and UK partner Infoterra recently hosted a 11 World Tour event at the National Space Centre in Leicester, United Kingdom on November 17. The 11 World Tour promotes the idea of a full team, as well as the year (and number behind the new ERDAS software release). ERDAS is a strong team, driven to ensure the success of its customers. ERDAS 2011 Software increases productivity and performance, making users victorious.

ERDAS team members demonstrated the exciting new enhancements to the ERDAS portfolio, including clustering and distributed processing options enabling full utilization of available hardware, enhanced imagery analysis workflows for defense and security users, base maps and geocoding support from Microsoft Bing maps, geospatial linking between ERDAS IMAGINE and Google Earth, updated versions of ERDAS Extensions for ArcGIS (supporting version 10), and a new product, ERDAS Engine.  ERDAS Engine is a simple, cost-effective solution that boosts processing power for ERDAS IMAGINE and LPS, leveraging existing hardware resources for increased production needs or situations requiring faster throughput. 

Additionally, the tour stop featured presentations from two key ERDAS APOLLO customers in the UK, a showcase of UK involvement in the INSPIRE initiative to create a uniform European spatial information infrastructure, demonstrations of some common ERDAS product workflows, and tips and tricks for getting the most from ERDAS APOLLO.

“ERDAS 2011 introduces powerful new technologies that can radically improve the way our customers operate on a daily basis, and it was a great pleasure to showcase that for them in person” said Andy Garratt, EMEA Sales Director, ERDAS. “Streamlined integration between ERDAS products, collaboration with other popular geospatial technologies like Microsoft Bing Maps and Google Earth, and advanced capabilities like clustering and distributed processing empower our users to triumph over their competitors in the marketplace.”

The tour stop in Leicester was also an excellent opportunity for attendees to visit one of the UK’s largest attractions, the National Space Centre. The Centre is a non-profit research and educational facility featuring interactive exhibits, artifacts, audio-visual displays and simulators that enable visitors to explore space, travel, astronomy and the relevance of space to life on Earth. 

On November 26th, the ERDAS 11 World Tour will be appearing at the Hotel Izmaylovskaya in Moscow. Other upcoming stops on the 11 World Tour include Johannesburg, Rome, New York, Riyadh, Warsaw, and Belgrade.

ERDAS Software 2011 will be available later this year. For more information, please see the comprehensive What’s New in ERDAS Software 2011 document on, watch the webinar ERDAS 2011 Software Release: What’s New?, or visit

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