Southern Minnesota Ortho Project

Below you will find links to brochures about the 2011 aerial imagery project for southern Minnesota. As a reminder, any agreements for buy-ups from ½ meter (free) to 1 foot resolution need to be completed during the month of December. Contact either Chris Cialek or Steve Kloiber, contact information in the brochure.

Secondly, the State plans on using the 2008 FSA targets to verify the horizontal accuracy of the contract deliverable. We would ask that all those folks that participated in the 2008 FSA Targeting effort re-paint their targets. The attached FSA map shows the project area and the 2008 FSA targets. This work does not require any additional field surveying for the existing targets, only re-painting so they are visible and sharp in the new photography. The actual flying of this project will occur during the spring (as opposed to the summer for the FSA’s) so we will need to jump on this as soon as the snow melts in the spring. I have kept all the target data sheets, so if you would like a copy for your county, please contact me and I will send you a electronic copy.

For those counties that are void or low on the number of targets (less than 4), here would be an opportunity to help out. Please contact me and I can give you the details. My phone number is 651.366.3457.

Lastly, when you go through your county to re-paint or add new targets, I will need to be informed as to what the current status is so that I can inform the Aerial Photography Field Office (FSA) in Utah. FSA has re-flown Minnesota each year since 2008 partially because we have the most extensive statewide coverage of quality control targets in the county and they like to take advantage of that. If you want a copy of the imagery of these more recent flights, the MnGEO website should be able to take you to where you can get a copy. If you need help with this, please contact me.

Thank you for any and all help you can give to this upcoming project.

The 570Kb PDF Spring Imagery Project can be found HERE
The 130Kb PDF FSA can be found HERE