ITT Announces the Release of ENVI 4.8 and ENVI for ArcGIS Server

Latest version of the company’s industry-leading software introduces new capabilities to make image analysis more accessible, including full integration with ArcGIS®.

Boulder, Colo. – November 2, 2010 – ITT Visual Information Solutions, a subsidiary of ITT Corporation (NYSE: ITT), and a developer of software products for data visualization and image analysis, announces the release of ENVI 4.8, the latest version of its premier software solution for extracting information from geospatial imagery. This release significantly streamlines the process of adding image analysis to the workflows of image analysts, researchers, and GIS professionals across industries, allowing users to take advantage of the important information imagery provides. ENVI 4.8 delivers complete integration with the ArcGIS® platform from Esri®, now making image analysis tools accessible directly from within the ArcGIS interface. In addition, the release includes functionality for viewing LiDAR data in a high performance display, as well as a new, automated process for viewshed analysis, giving users situational awareness from fixed vantage points. Releasing concurrently with ENVI 4.8, ITT also announces ENVI for ArcGIS® Server, which delivers ENVI image analysis tools to users across entire organizations using ArcGIS Server.

“As geospatial information becomes an increasingly vital element for decision making across industries, from defense and intelligence to urban planning and natural resource management, we have consistently delivered new ENVI capabilities to make the analysis of imagery less time consuming and less complex,” said Richard Cooke, president of ITT Visual Information Solutions. “The ENVI 4.8 release continues our ongoing commitment to make analyzing geospatial imagery accessible for users of all ability levels, allowing more professionals from a variety of industries to take advantage the rich, real-time information imagery provides.”

ENVI 4.8 completes the third phase of ITT’s integration effort with ArcGIS from Esri and makes it easier than ever to update a GIS with valuable information from geospatial imagery. This ENVI release allows ArcGIS users in both desktop and server environments to access ENVI image analysis tools from a familiar ArcGIS toolbox. ITT is also releasing ENVI for ArcGIS® Server concurrently with ENVI 4.8, to provide the same toolbox capabilities for ArcGIS Server users, as well as the ability to create and publish applications and web mapping services, making image analysis available to ArcGIS users across an entire organization and over the internet.

ENVI 4.8 also makes it easier to add additional geospatial information to the overall image analysis workflow by extending ENVI’s LiDAR functionality to include a high performance, three-dimensional viewer that works efficiently with large datasets. This enhancement helps users visually interpret valuable LiDAR data to get a more complete understanding of an area of interest. Additionally, ENVI 4.8 introduces an innovative and automated viewshed analysis process that guides users through multiple steps of determining which geographic elements are viewable from a fixed vantage point. This capability helps analysts make tactical decisions such as identifying out-of-site locations for concealed landfills and wastewater treatment centers, strategically placing cell towers, or determining the safest path for troop movement.

ENVI 4.8 and ENVI for ArcGIS® Server will be available for download in November 2010. For more information about ENVI 4.8, visit

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