Sokkia Introduces the New Generation of the SRX Robotic Total Stations

Offering dramatic enhancement of robotic capability and new level of distance measurement technology

Olathe, Kan. – October 26, 2010 – Sokkia Corporation announces the release of four new SRX total stations — SRX1X, SRX2X, SRX3X and SRX5X.

“The new SRX series is developed to maximize all performances, primarily focusing on auto-tracking and distance measurement capabilities,” said Brice Walker, vice-president of survey sales.

“We have developed a completely new auto-tracking system that includes new motors and driving mechanism, new optics and laser system. In addition, newly refined tracking algorithm significantly enhances the ability to predict the future prism positions, enabling more stable tracking and faster prism reacquisition.”

Walker said, “In our field tests, the new SRX has proved its extremely robust prism tracking capability works in any job site environment even with intensive reflections from behind a prism, or with repetitive interruptions in the line-of-sight.

“The instrument’s new telescope is optimized for both of the prism tracking and distance measurements while maintaining the industry’s highest 2.5 seconds resolving power,” Walker said.

The new RED-tech 800 EDM provides increased measurement range of 800m (2,620ft.) without a reflector, and up to 1,000m (3,280ft.) under specific conditions. Measurement accuracy is increased to 1.5mm + 2ppm when using Sokkia’s 360° prism or standard prism. Reflectorless measurement accuracy is also enhanced to 2mm + 2ppm.

Walker said, “The new RED-tech 800 employs ultra-high modulation frequencies of up to 468.75MHz for measurement signals, which is 2.5 times higher than the previous RED-tech EX. This extremely short signal wavelength, combined with enhanced digital processing technology, has increased both the measurement range and precision.”

The new SRX is equipped with the enlarged 3.7-inch LCD touch-screen display. Using a built-in light sensor, the LCD brightness is automatically adjusted to the optimum level.

“Incorporating an array of new technologies and enhancements, the new SRX will certainly bring a new level of work efficiency to all robotic surveying and setting-out tasks,” Walker said.

Other features of the new SRX include:
• 1,000m (3,280ft.) auto-tracking range with a standard prism
• 600m (1,960ft.) auto-tracking range with a 360° prism
• 6,000m (19,680ft.) distance measurement range with a single prism
• 10,000m (32,800ft.) range with three prisms
• Industry’s shortest reflectorless measurement range of 30cm (1ft.)
• Increased internal memory: 750MB
• RC-PR4 optional on-demand remote control system for fast prism search and acquisition

Four models are available with different angle accuracy grades: SRX1X (1”), SRX2X (2”), SRX3X (3”) and SRX5X (5”).

The new SRX total stations are available now through authorized Sokkia distributors.

Contact 800.4.SOKKIA for more information.