Munsys, Inc. Announces 64bit Release of Munsys 10.3

Florida USA, October 26, 2010 – Munsys, Inc. today announced the release of Munsys® 10.3 64bit, providing support for the latest 64bit hardware, operating systems and applications that have become an important improvement of today’s technology. Munsys® 10.3 64bit brings the powerful Munsys application family in line with 64bit technology and its ability to support more RAM, which can greatly improve memory-intensive applications. The move to 64-bit computing is becoming the next step for many GIS departments upgrading their systems to allow for better performance of their CAD applications and management of their large databases.

“We are pleased to provide support for 64bit in this release as more customers are moving to new hardware and want the benefit of more addressable memory,” Colin Hobson, Director, Munsys, Inc.

Munsys customers with up to date Software Update Subscriptions can download Munsys 10.3 64bit from the member’s section at

The Munsys solutions include a central database design with pre-defined Oracle Spatial data models and integrated applications for the management of water, sewer, drainage, cadastral, roads and electricity infrastructure. AutoCAD design products are utilized for spatial data creation and editing. Traditional GIS software and other databases are easily integrated using OpenGIS technologies.

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About Munsys, Inc.
Munsys, Inc., with offices in Florida and California, is the primary supplier of sales, services, and technical support for the Munsys family of products in North America. Munsys, Inc. provides database-driven geospatial solutions to utilities and government for the management of cadastral, drainage, electricity, roads, sewer, and water infrastructure.
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