TerraEchos Receives Frost & Sullivan’s ‘New Product Innovation of the Year’ Award

Missoula, Montana, 25 October 2010 — TerraEchos Inc., a leading provider of covert intelligence and surveillance sensor systems, is honored to receive Frost & Sullivan’s 2010 North American New Product Innovation of the Year Award in the category of Fiber Optic Sensors for Border Security.

TerraEchos received the honor for its Adelos S4™ fiber-optic sensor solution, which was singled out for its innovative nature, use of leading-edge technology, and value to the customer.

“Frost & Sullivan has been recognizing the innovations of high-tech organizations for 50 years, and TerraEchos is honored to be included among these elite award recipients,” said Dr. Alex Philp, President and CEO of TerraEchos Inc. “This award highlights the value of Adelos S4 as a solution to protect and monitor critical infrastructure and secure borders.”

TerraEchos introduced Adelos S4 in early 2010 as the first fiber-optic product to embed the IBM InfoSphere Streams technology. The Adelos S4 solution is comprised of a fiber-optic sensor array buried in the ground or underwater to gather real-time acoustic information. These data are analyzed and the sound patterns are matched against complex algorithms to determine what made the noise. Incorporating the IBM InfoSphere Streams technology, the system can instantly identify, distinguish, and classify a variety of objects detected by the fiber-optic sensor array.

“The use of innovative and leading edge technologies in the system from TerraEchos enhances the overall quality of the product,” said Amritha Sridharan, Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst. “Adelos S4 employs innovative elements that ensure the delivery of accurate results to the end user and hence guarantee the overall quality of the system for use in critical infrastructure.”

TerraEchos’ Adelos S4 is based on advanced fiber-optic acoustic sensor technology licensed from the U.S. Navy and designed to meet growing security demands from the government, energy, public safety and transportation sectors. IBM InfoSphere Streams is a high-performance computing technology that enables rapid analysis of information in real-time as it streams from thousands of sources, increasing the speed and accuracy of decision making.

The award will officially be presented to TerraEchos at the Frost & Sullivan Excellence in Best Practices Award Banquet on November 16, 2010, in San Antonio, Texas.

About TerraEchos (www.terraechos.com)
TerraEchos Inc., a member of the S&K Technologies Family of Companies, is a Montana-based company providing Adelos™ S4, an intelligence and surveillance sensor system protecting high-value critical infrastructure, monitoring sensitive perimeters, and securing vulnerable borders. Adelos combines the U.S. Navy fiber-optic sensor system with advanced data processing, analytical, and geospatial visualization capabilities, integrating multiple sensor systems into fused intelligence for threat detection, classification, prediction, and communication via a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).