Spatial Energy and Blueback Reservoir Introduce the Spatial Image Connector (SIC) Plug-in for Petrel Software

Global Energy sector customers gain ability to stream spatial imagery data into Petrel* seismic to simulation software

Boulder, Colorado ( October 12, 2010) – Spatial Energy, the leading source for digital imagery, data management and services for the energy industry , and Blueback Reservoir, a fast growing technology company specializing in providing Ocean plug-ins and 3D geomodeling services for the global exploration and production industry, today announced the release of the Spatial Image Connector™ (SIC) plug-in for Petrel reservoir engineering software. The plug-in will be available November 1, 2010, on the Schlumberger Ocean Store.

Identifying an industry need to bring spatial imagery data into the Petrel platform, Blueback Reservoir and Spatial Energy collaborated with Apache Corporation and quickly produced the first release of this very simple yet powerful plug-in.

“The plug-in connects Petrel directly to WMS servers to allow the user real time import and rendering of global high resolution satellite and aerial imagery, bathymetry, topos, and Digital Elevation Models. This live connection also supports zooming, panning, and high resolution plotting.” said Rod Hall, Blueback Reservoir Americas Manager.

“Integration of surface and sub-surface data is becoming an integral part of our exploration process. We’re happy to support industry-developed tools that improve the interpretative decision-making process and make the workflow more efficient,” said Mike Bahorich, Executive Vice President, E&P Technology, Apache Corporation.

“We’re delighted to enable our customers’ geophysicists, geologists, and reservoir engineers using Petrel software plug-in access to Spatial on Demand™ content as a WMS stream,” stated Bud Pope, Spatial Energy’s President.

Sold as a subscription, Spatial Energy’s Spatial on Demand service is trusted by over 25 of the largest global oil and gas companies to provide easy access to the world’s largest energy-specific online database, including vast archives of geospatial data from satellites, aerial photos, topographic maps, and DEMs, as well as the ability to store their existing and newly collected data.

About Blueback Reservoir
Blueback Reservoir, headquartered in Stavanger, Norway, is a fast growing technology company specializing in providing plug-ins for Petrel software and 3D geomodeling services for the global exploration and production industry. With offices in Europe and North America, Blueback Reservoir has been serving the needs of oil industry since 2005 by doing geomodeling projects, performing custom Ocean Development, and growing a portfolio of commercial plug-ins to leverage your Petrel software investment. For more information please visit our website at or email us at

About Spatial Energy
Spatial Energy provides the world’s best collection of imagery solutions, imagery analysis and online enterprise imagery and data management services for oil and gas companies operating worldwide. Serving four of the top five Fortune 100 oil and gas companies on a daily basis, Spatial Energy is solely dedicated to meeting the needs of energy companies operating globally. Known for its extensive data provider network and innovative tools, Spatial Energy is committed to providing cost-effective, simple tools to help energy access imagery across the enterprise. By reducing the cost, time, and effort associated with acquiring and analyzing complex imagery, Spatial Energy helps energy companies turn imagery from a time-consuming task into a corporate asset. For more information, visit our website at and contact us via email at

*Petrel and Ocean are marks of Schlumberger