GeoSpatial Experts Releases GPS-Photo Link 5.0 with New GPS Cameras

Thornton, Colorado, USA, 4 October 2010 – Mapping the locations of photos just got a lot easier. GeoSpatial Experts, developers of the first photo-mapping software, has introduced GPS-Photo Link version 5.0 and bundled it with the latest GPS-enabled cameras from Sony, Ricoh, and Nikon.

“This newest version of GPS-Photo Link software offers loads of new functionality for photographers who want to map where their geotagged photos were taken, either for business or for fun,” said GeoSpatial Experts President Rick Bobbitt.

Introduced in 2001, GPS-Photo Link has become the industry standard software for mapping photographs. Applications of photo-mapping software span the full spectrum of business users whose jobs require accurate photographic documentation of objects and features at a specific place and time. These applications include disaster response, infrastructure assessment, asset management, engineering, land management, surveying, utility mapping and law enforcement.

The GPS-Photo Link software enables photographers to accurately map the locations of photos taken either with a standard digital camera and hand-held GPS receiver or with an integrated GPS-enabled camera. The software correlates each photo with its GPS coordinates and maps the photo to its accurate location on a digital map using online web sites such as Google Earth and Bing Maps or on a map layer in a geographic information system (GIS) such as ArcGIS.

“Any photographer who knows how to use a digital camera and a GPS receiver is able to use GPS-Photo Link,” said Bobbitt.

The GPS-Photo Link software is offered in two editions. GPS-Photo Link Express is designed for avid photographers and business users who place photos on a web-based map or generate web pages and PDF reports from their photo archives. GPS-Photo Link: GIS Pro is for geospatial professionals mapping their photos in a true GIS environment such as Esri’s ArcGIS.

Version 5.0 includes the following enhancements:
• Live Map Preview – Prior to creating outputs or reports, users can preview and edit photo locations in Bing Maps. Attributes can now also be edited individually or in batches.
• Advanced Photo Editing – Users may edit, crop, annotate and draw on their photos, as well as add a variety of watermarks using any photo attribute (title, date, photographer, etc.).
• Project Management – GPS-Photo Link keeps track of photos, map layers and other data in project folders, making it easier to access, share and assemble documents relating to a specific job or date. Save your settings in a template for future projects.
• ArcGIS Extension – Users can access the full functionality of GPS-Photo Link from inside the Esri ArcGIS environment.

GeoSpatial Experts bundles its software with GPS cameras. The Colorado firm recently became a Sony reseller with the release of the Sony DSCHX5V, the only point-and-shoot camera with built-in GPS and compass. In addition, GeoSpatial Experts will also carry the highly anticipated Sony SLT A55, which will be Sony’s newest Single Lens Translucent (SLT) mirror camera with built-in GPS.  Now available for pre-order, the Sony SLT A55 is expected to be released in October. 

GPS-Photo Link software also comes bundled with the Ricoh 500SE, the Nikon D5000 and soon to be released Nikon D3100. The Nikon bundles include the Nikon GP-1 GPS unit mounted on the flash shoe. 

The Ricoh 500SE is a ruggedized, 8-megapixel SLR with built-in GPS and compass, designed specifically for geographic data collection. The Nikon D5000 is a full-function digital SLR with a compact GP-1 GPS unit mounted on the flash shoe. An upgrade from the popular D3000, the D3100 is an entry level digital-SLR camera with a Guide mode that displays instructions for the most basic camera operations for shooting, image playback and editing and the application of camera settings, in the camera monitor. 

GeoSpatial Experts sells GPS-Photo Link software in stand-alone packages or bundled with digital cameras and GPS receivers. To place an order, visit the company web site at