Trimble Introduces New Family of Trimble Trident Analyst Software

Providing Advanced GIS and CAD Information Extraction for Mobile Mapping

Sunnyvale, Calif, Oct. 1, 2010 – Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) introduced today new software products that provide advanced information extraction tailored for three mobile mapping workflows-Trimble(r) Trident Analyst 2010 for: Spatial Imaging, Roadway Signs, and GIS. The software family addresses a diverse range of projects from network-level Geographic Information System (GIS) inventories to high-accuracy Computer Aided Design (CAD) projects, and provides users with increased capability and productivity. 

"The Trimble Trident Analyst family of mobile mapping software has been structured to provide three levels of capability to better address the needs of mobile mapping customers," said Rob Huber, Transportation Segment Manager for Trimble’s GeoSpatial Division. "The new software allows customers to select the right level of functionality for each production or quality assurance staff, and upgrade to additional capability as their businesses grow."

In addition, Trimble Trident Analyst 2010 helps organizations extract more relevant information quickly and accurately by precisely overlaying high-resolution imagery and laser scanner data. Each of the products incorporates enhancements in the ability to handle the large point clouds produced by today’s higher speed mobile laser scanners.

Trimble Trident Analyst 2010 for Spatial Imaging
Trimble Trident Analyst 2010 for Spatial Imaging provides a comprehensive set of features for land mobile information extraction. It is ideal for a broad range of mobile mapping users to effectively manage high-resolution digital imaging, large point clouds, and high-accuracy information extraction in corridor environments. Extraction capabilities include digital terrain models, roadway cross sections, roadway edges, roadway centerlines, pavement striping, roadway signs, poles, vertical clearances, and lines-of-sight. Trimble Trident Analyst 2010 for Spatial Imaging provides complete support for the advanced capabilities of the new Trimble MX8 Mobile Spatial Imaging System.

Trimble Trident Analyst 2010 for Roadway Signs
The software has been tailored specifically to provide a comprehensive roadway sign workflow. Featuring enhanced capabilities that include improved sign recognition, automated change detection, and efficient inventory quality control tools, Trimble Trident Analyst 2010 for Roadway Signs provides the functions required to generate and maintain a network-level roadway sign inventory.

Trimble Trident Analyst 2010 for GIS
Providing traditional photogrammetric functionality, Trimble Trident Analyst 2010 for GIS is well suited for those customers using mobile imaging to rapidly populate and maintain generic GIS databases. It supports manual extraction for GIS from data capture systems incorporating both digital imaging and laser scanning sensors. Existing database content is projected on the images and visible within the point clouds for easy data maintenance. User definable GIS forms facilitate data entry for improved productivity. Direct GIS database connection facilitates multi-user data extraction and maintenance.

The Trimble Trident Analyst 2010 software is expected to be available in the fourth quarter of 2010 through Trimble’s GeoSpatial sales channels. The software family is backward compatible with prior versions of Trimble Trident-3D Analyst, and supports the new Trimble MX8 Mobile Spatial Imaging System.

The Mobile Mapping Answers Tour
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