Geo-Information Communication and ESRI Canada to Provide Consulting Services for Uganda's Spatial Data Infrastructure Project

Project Involves Designing a National Framework for Leveraging Geographic Information and Geospatial Technology to Monitor Development Outcomes in the African Nation

Kampala, Uganda and Toronto, Canada – September 27, 2010 – Geo-Information Communication (GIC) Limited and ESRI Canada today announced that the companies won a contract to provide consulting services for the Republic of Uganda’s Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) project.  This will help Uganda develop a framework for broader and more effective use of spatial data and geographic information systems (GIS) to monitor the country’s progress in achieving its development goals.  The project is being undertaken through funds from the Korean Trust Fund on ICT4D, administered by infoDev as part of a World Bank initiative.

“Building a national spatial data infrastructure will help us establish standards for collecting, maintaining and sharing geographic information,” said Bernard Justus Muhwezi, Principal Geo-Information Officer for the Uganda Bureau of Statistics. “This will increase efficiencies in government processes and promote innovation to support economic growth and sustainable development.”

“Developing countries, such as Uganda, stand to benefit significantly from the efficiencies and cost savings provided by an SDI,” said Alex Miller, president, ESRI Canada.  “It helps governments reduce duplicate data collection, improve the quality of data and make geographic data more accessible to the public.  More importantly, it allows for increased collaboration among all levels of government, business and the academic community, leading to better planning and decision making.”

As part of the project, GIC and ESRI Canada consultants will conduct an assessment of the current state of geospatial information management in Uganda, identify issues and obstacles that need to be addressed and compile best practices.  Based on the findings, they will provide recommendations on the technology, policies and people required for the successful development and implementation of an SDI.  The project is expected to be completed in 2011.
“In combining our strengths with ESRI Canada, we are bringing the best in local and international GIS and SDI expertise to help Uganda effectively manage its spatial information,” said Amadra ori-Okido, managing director, GIC.  “We look forward to working with the government of Uganda in creating a framework for consistent sharing of geographic information that will allow it to increase data availability, maximize the use of available data and extend its benefits to partners and citizens.”

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