Pryme Radio Secures New US Patent for GPS Speaker Microphone

“When you are constantly developing new products as we do, you quite naturally invent new technology and techniques to solve problems and make a better product.”  This is the credo of Dave George, President of Pryme, as evidenced by the award of this 12th patent on their popular GPS Speaker Microphone. “As an innovative leader in the professional two way accessory industry, Pryme is always increasing the numbers of technical inventions”.

“Invents, Designs, Builds” is not just a corporate slogan, it’s a way of doing business.  Pryme Radio’s GPS Speaker Microphone, and GPS Box for mobile radios, already had multiple patents, but after building thousands of units for industries such as energy exploration, utility companies, geographical research and survey (seismic industry), search & rescue and other “remote worker” fields, Pryme invented and built-in even more features that lead to this new patent.

Pryme’s GPS Mics and GPS Boxes were recently used by Destiny Resource services, a front-end seismic services company, in an oil and gas exploration project in 84 square miles of challenging terrain. The project required detailed monitoring of every person on the job because of the potentially hazardous environment.

The crews used Pryme portable and mobile GPS units with their existing two-way radios, and a system that allowed the crew “push-to-talk” location updates with pinpoint accuracy. The new technology not only records data and reports automatically, but it maps each crew’s locations, leaving little room for error.

“We were in charge of 200 guys being monitored, operating under 12 different contractors,” said Jeff Sears, technical coordinator at Destiny. “Pryme’s products fit any radio make or model, allowing Destiny to track all radios with the same platform. “

Even outside of the oil and gas exploration field, industries are becoming more safety conscious; this combination of monitoring tools fits any safety mandate.  And because you know where everyone is, you’re able to operate more efficiently. You’re not only saving money on the technology, but operations are much more efficient, so it’s really a “double save.”

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