Carlson Software First to Support Oregon Coordinate Reference System

Carlson SurvCE Data Collection Software Users Gain Ability to Use System Without Need for Conversions

Maysville, Kentucky (Sept. 13, 2010) – Carlson Software’s SurvCE is the first data collection software to support the Oregon Coordinate Reference System (OCRS). While Carlson already has code tables for 21 DOTs for Carlson Survey and Carlson SurvCE, this support of OCRS is just available and done to better serve the Oregon Department of Transportation.

The OCRS is an updated low distortion coordinate system for Oregon locations, put in place to allow survey, design and construction professionals to design and construct projects using a single coordinate system. The OCRS does not have a scale factor between grid and ground coordinate values. The OCRS grid represents the ground within the published distortion values.

“Carlson always listens to and works hard to meet customer needs,” says Jim Reinbold, regional sales director for Carlson Software. “The files that support OCRS are external so users of older versions of SurvCE will also have access to this new feature without having to upgrade.”

Utilizing the CSL file for adding the OCRS zones allows this new aspect of SurvCE to be available in both older versions of SurvCE and the latest release, SurvCE 2.5.1. Another advantage of the CSL file format is that it is supported by Carlson SurvPC, Carlson’s newest version of SurvCE, which is designed to be used on a rugged PC.

In addition, Carlson SurvCE is versatile in that it supports most GNSS receivers and most total stations, including those manufactured by Leica, Trimble, Topcon, Sokkia, Ashtech and more. The data collection software also works with .dgn, .dwg, and dxf graphics formats and is compatible with Carlson’s desktop software Carlson Civil or Carlson Survey and its machine control software, Carlson Grade and Carlson Grade Supervisor.

“The significant undulation of the topography in Oregon required the development of numerous zones to maintain maximum distortion goals,” notes Ron Singh, Chief of Surveys/Manager Geometronics Unit, Oregon DOT.  “The initial release of the OCRS consisted of 15 zones covering most of the developed areas of the State and more will be developed within the next several months.  Carlson Software was extremely responsive,” he adds, “to accommodate our request for software vendors to include the zone parameters in their software and they will add the remaining zones as they are developed.”

Carlson SurvCE, the world’s number one data collection software, which has the largest driver library in the world and offers powerful roading and graphics, is available from your local dealer. To locate a dealer near you, visit or call 800-989-5028.

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