SIS Announces Release of Version 2.3 of Accuracy Analyst

Starkville, Miss., 8 September 2010 — Spatial Information Solutions, Inc. (SIS), announces the release of version 2.3 of its flagship software product, Accuracy Analyst™. “We have been receiving great feedback from the customers who adopted early and have been finding ways to use Accuracy Analyst at many stages of their workflow,” said Charles O’Hara, company president. “We are pleased to be able to say that Version 2.3 of Accuracy Analyst offers numerous enhancements that make it even easier to use across a wide range of work environments.”

For people who have not yet used Accuracy Analyst, the key message is that this stand-alone program provides fast, powerful, flexible time-saving capabilities to plan, verify, quality check, deliver, review, and accept orthophoto data sets. Existing customers have stated the tool eliminates “over 95% of the time and cost to verify, document, and quality assure the locational accuracy of orthophoto products.” Others have commented that the time savings are great, but what they really appreciate is “the great report that fully documents the data verification and presents results in an easily understood and consistent format.” Another customer stated that while a typical project may take over 5 days to check and report, “a member of our team was trained in a morning and completed five reports within a few hours that same day. We would still have been thinking about starting the first project in the time that all five were completed.” The tool is easily mastered and adapts readily to existing workflows replacing inefficient methods without lost time or delays to time-sensitive production processes.

Existing users who have been working with SIS on the pre-release of version 2.3 are excited that the tool keeps getting better. For people who have used earlier versions and want more detail about the upgrade, here are major highlights:
• PhotoBook, which presents ground photos and eliminates analyst uncertainty, now supports more image types of ground photos and scanned drawings of survey locations.
• Image Chips, for each snapshot of a control point, include the zoomed in area from orthophotos in reports. With version 2.3 the software can generate georeferenced image chips (iChips) based on the Context Zoom Setting; the iChips are TIFF images with world files (TFWs).
• ReViewer, used for review and data mark-up, has new capabilities that enable users to easily select, attribute, and share point locations for quality control (QC) and quality assurance,
• Options Management is now available for project management and enables capabilities to set, modify and save a full range of software options, and to capture analyst initials; distributed quality control is enabled by the ability to export checkpoints, append exported checkpoints and import checkpoints so that a large project can have a single QC overview.
• Ancillary Shape Files can now be accessed in CheckPoint Planner and ReViewer adding to the view points, lines and polygons, to assist in data review and enhance the analyst’s ability to select photopoints, control and checkpoints as well as quality control locations commonly referred to as ‘call-outs.’

"This is a major incremental release; customers who tested it pre-release are placing orders, which tells us we are delivering value,” said O’Hara. “We are very excited to be filling vital industry needs, and look forward to receiving more feedback and suggestions.”

An installation guide, user guide and other supporting documents as well as a ‘Buy Now’ page for easy on-line purchase of version 2.3 of Accuracy Analyst are available at  A five-and-a-half minute video “Getting Started with Accuracy Analyst” is also available:

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Spatial Information Solutions, Inc. (SIS), of Starkville, Mississippi, was formed in 2006 as a spin-off company from Mississippi State University. Through its flagship product, Accuracy Analyst™ version 2.3, SIS provides software-based map accuracy and content enhancement solutions that enable its customers to map with confidence. For more information, visit