WhiteStar and Timoney Group Launch Free Oil & Gas Well Look-Up Service

Denver, Colo., 31 August 2010 – WhiteStar Corp. and The Timoney Group, both based in Denver, have teamed to launch Wellspotmap.com, a free online look-up service containing information for 3.8 million oil and gas wells in the United States.

Tapping WhiteStar’s longstanding expertise in collating high-quality data sets for the energy industry, the Wellspotmap.com service enables users to call up basic information for any given oil or gas well and map its location on popular mapping platforms such as Google Earth and Bing Maps. The free service may be accessed at www.wellspotmap.com.

"The simplicity of the site is intentional because oil and gas industry professionals are inundated with large amounts of information every day,” said Robert White, President of WhiteStar. “A simple means of bringing up a single well and looking at it on a map is useful to them."

Wellspotmap.com also represents a new trend in making geospatial data more accessible to general users, according to Brian Timoney, Principal of The Timoney Group. 

“Online mapping has exploded in the past five years, yet geospatial data remains unwieldy for the average user,” Timoney said. “Search-ability, find-ability, and the ability to quickly pull up a map on the fly — especially on a mobile device — represent a new set of expectations on the part of users."

White added, “Wellspotmap.com is intentionally ad-free and will always remain so. This launch is about continuing a dialogue with our industry. Early user feedback has been really enthusiastic, especially in terms of mobile applications, which is exciting to us."

WhiteStar provides the energy industry with desktop and enterprise data subscription products including WhiteStar Grid, WhiteStar Wells, and WhiteStar Culture data products that save time and money throughout the hydrocarbon exploration and production process.  

The Timoney Group specializes in information visualization and GIS integration services for the energy and defense sectors.

About WhiteStar Corp.
Headquartered in Lakewood, Colorado, WhiteStar Corp. has supplied digital cartographic data products, services and consulting since 1990 to the oil and gas, pipeline, natural resource, and engineering industries. As a purveyor of geospatial data products, WhiteStar takes a customized approach to every implementation project. The WhiteStar client base now includes more than 1600 companies ranging in size from local consulting firms to integrated multi-national corporations. Learn more at www.whitestar.com.

About The Timoney Group
Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, The Timoney Group LLC provides geospatial visualization, corporate intranet information integration, and web mapping services to industries such as energy, defense and pharmaceuticals. Visit www.thetimoneygroup.com.