KAPPA Mapping Completes Contract for City of Portland, Maine

Bangor, Maine, August 31, 2010 – KAPPA Mapping, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has completed a multi-faceted contract with the City of Portland, Maine to update Cliff, Peaks, and Cushing Islands orthophotos, and develop mainland drainage-pattern data in support of the stormwater compliance program. Based on available photography and related inputs, KAPPA tailored the tasks to accomplish the City’s goals. In addition, KAPPA converted existing mapping data into road, parking lot, driveway, and sidewalk polygons in support of the city’s effort to quantify impervious surfaces.

About KAPPA Mapping
KAPPA Mapping, Inc., 6 State Street, Bangor, Maine provides aerial mapping services including flight planning, topographic mapping, and orthophotography to surveyors, planners, land developers, and government agencies. For more information, call 866-836-8834 (toll free), e-mail info@kappamap.com or visit the website at www.kappamap.com.