Surveyors Rendezvous 2010

National Rendezvous, 2010; Chattanooga, Tennessee aboard the Delta Queen Steamboat Hotel on the North Shore Wednesday evening, September 15 through Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thursday morning (September 16) the day will open with a “Welcome to our Town” breakfast in the Orleans Room aboard the boat with featured speakers, Chattanooga Mayor Ron Littlefield and Chickamauga Park historian, James Ogden. Following introductions, the participants will hear from 4 of the country’s leading authorities about 18th Century mapping and most especially Civil War mapping. That afternoon, two teams of the leading units of Civil War mapping scholars will compete preparing a map of the Chattanooga region and area utilizing 18th century techniques and equipment within the confines of our beautiful Coolidge Park on the North Shore. While the experts are mapping in a competition, there will be surveying historians present teaching participants and the public the art of 18th century mapping techniques featuring chaining, compass baselines and plane table mapping.

The public is invited on Thursday afternoon. Please come out!

On Friday, the 17th of September, some of the most revered historians within the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) will present the unknown facets of that organization’s history to the group. TVA developed the primary maps used within the hiking, recreation, planning, engineering and surveying communities, the map known as the 7.5 minute quad sheet. TVA played a huge role in mapping Germany and France during WW II. What did the 1944 map of Oak Ridge, Tennessee look like? How much water is backed up and where will it go when one builds a dam. The TVA is the premier mapper of the 20th century with others following their ground breaking techniques and methodology. The entire globe benefited from their work in our little valley.

Following a banquet and fund raising auction on Friday night, Saturday morning will find the Tennessee Association of Professional Surveyors holding their fall Board of Directors meeting in the Orleans Room aboard the Delta Queen. A changing of the guard will take place as the 2011 State officers will be sworn in.

Mario Forte, Chattanooga 423-624-0020
Bart Crattie, Chattanooga 423-624-5041
Roger Woodfill, Executive Director, Surveyors Historical Society, Lawrenceburg, Indiana – 812-537-2000
Lori Medley, Executive Director, Tennessee Association of Professional Surveyors, Nashville, Tennessee – 615-860-9311
or go to: There’s an excellent slide show and a whole bunch of other information. You can register for the event there.

This is going to be a hoot and a big deal!