Hexagon Metrology Introduces the Leica TM6100A Industrial Theodolite

25 August 2010 – Leica Geosystems’ latest autocollimating industrial theodolite maintains the highest angular accuracy, while adding the newest technology and latest features. Leica Geosystems has continued to take industrial measurement to new levels with the Leica TM6100A Industrial Theodolite.

Leica Geosystems, the producer of the most accurate theodolites in the world, presents a new generation of their industrial theodolites. The Leica TM6100A comes with the latest features and newest technology, while maintaining the products’ legendary accuracy. Hexagon Metrology will release the Leica TM6100A Industrial Theodolite during the fourth quarter of 2010.

Like the Leica TDRA6000 and the Leica Absolute Tracker AT401, the Leica TM6100A uses Piezo direct drive technology. These new motorized drives offer the stability of manual drives, the flexibility of fully automated motorized drives and yet still allow for sub micron level fine positioning. The fine positioning drives on the Leica TM6100A have been repositioned to help make measuring in difficult situations easier. The Piezo technology also has a very low power consumption, which helps the newly designed battery last longer.

The new color touch screen remains clearly visible at all times, allowing operators to take the theodolite to any location. The intuitive user interface allows users to have minimal training before doing basic measurements and calibrations to the sensor. The interface also offers function keys that can be set for specific procedures.

“Leica Geosystems’ autocollimating theodolites are the standard instrument of choice in the aerospace industry for satellite alignment, as well as for boresight and heads up display (HUD) alignment for combat aircraft,” explained Joel Martin, Product Manager. “These industries rely on Leica Geosystems’ theodolites for their unrivalled precision and superb optics.”

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