SPECIM’s AisaDUAL Hyperspectral Sensor deployed for Assessing Gulf Oil Spill

Oulu, Finland, August 20th, 2010 – SPECIM, Spectral Imaging Ltd, announces that its airborne hyperspectral sensor, AisaDUAL, has recently been used in continued data collection to assist in the detection and mitigation efforts associated with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. SpecTIR LLC, a US based company experienced in hyperspectral data collection and a collaborator of SPECIM, has been collecting hyperspectral data over 1 500 sq km with 2 to 3 meter of ground resolution in the Gulf of Mexico. Highly sensitive coastal wetlands have been monitored to support the acquisition of baseline environmental data to aid in future impact assessments, as well as monitor changes to wetlands health. Hyperspectral imagery data can be used in identifying oil impacted wetland ecosystems. Images collected over time can be used to detect changes to the wetlands vegetation as a measure of the damage.

Hyperspectral data provides high resolution information about the spectral signature of the target, and this spectrum is unique for different materials, soil types, vegetation and man-made objects. Thus hyperspectral data sees – in very high detail – beyond the visible. SPECIM’s AisaDUAL, with its ability to collect seamless hyperspectral data both in VNIR and SWIR range (400-2500 nm), provides a most powerful tool for a broad range of applications.

“More than 70 AISA sensors are in operation all over the world by renowned research institutions, commercial enterprises and defence organizations. They are used to map large areas efficiently in a routine manner for vegetation health, forest inventory, geological exploration, water quality and other environmental monitoring applications. Sensors are also deployed in security and other target detection applications”, tells Mr. Timo Hyvärinen, co-founder of SPECIM.

About SPECIM Spectral Imaging
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