New Airborne Photogrammetric Platform for MGGP Aero in Poland

MGGP Aero has completed the implementation of a new Airborne Photogrammetric Platform, and successfully completed the integration of the two most recent investments MGGP Aero: a Cessna T206H NAV III with the latest state-of-the-art system LiteMapper 6800i. Aircraft made its maiden flight across the Atlantic Ocean. The route of flight was 9908 km and took 41 hours with many stopovers. The plane was brought from Denver in the U.S., where it underwent photogrammetric modification. The Cessna known as the Stationair, a family of single engine, general aviation aircraft with fixed landing gear used in commercial air service, aerial photography and also personal use. The Cessna T206H is certified as a six seat aircraft equipped with “glass” cockpit and Garmin G100. The Garmin G100 is an integrated flight instrument system manufactured typically composed of two units, one serving as a primary flight display, and one as a multifunction display.

Aircraft is equipped with the latest system Lite Mapper 6800i. This is the latest state-of-the-art Airborne Laser Scanner RIEGL LMS-Q680i with an unmatched laser pulse repetition rate of 400 kHz, providing an effective measurement rate of up to 266,000 coordinates per second.

Successful implementation and tests confirmed that the system is achieving the expected quality and accuracy. The technology has been used in several projects: flood recovery efforts, environmental analysis, archaeological research, engineer projects and surveying.

New Airborne Photogrammetric Platform became authorized by Civil Aviation Office and is recorded in MGGP Aero’s AWC (Aerial Work Certificate).