Applanix Introduces the POS LV V5 for Increased Reliability, Durability, and Ease-of-Use

Richmond Hill , Canada – Applanix announced today the release of its next generation POS LV (Position and Orientation System for Land Vehicles), the POS LV Version 5. Now with a POS Computer System (PCS) that is half the size of the previous version, ruggedized and fully sealed, the POS LV V5 delivers highly accurate, uninterrupted positioning and orientation information from a moving vehicle with superior reliability and in almost any environment.
"With the introduction of the POS LV V5, we have further expanded the limits of the operating environments in which Applanix technology can excel,” commented Kevin Andrews, Product Manager at Applanix. “The system has been redesigned as a more compact, rugged, and sealed unit. Improved durability and reliability will allow users to take the POS LV into more extreme environments to address additional mobile mapping and navigation applications.

Based on Applanix’ proven tightly-coupled, integrated inertial technology, the POS LV V5 is designed to provide positioning and orientation information even in areas where GNSS reception is compromised or unavailable. The system is engineered for a wide variety of land vehicle mobile mapping applications, such as road profiling, pavement analysis, and asset management. It is a turn-key aided inertial navigation system that includes:
• An Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
• An integrated Trimble® BD960 GNSS Receiver
• A wheel-mounted Distance Measurement Instrument (DMI) and
• A GPS Azimuth Measurement System (GAMS) with optional second GNSS Receiver.

POS LV V5 is available now through the Applanix sales network. For more information about the system, visit

About Applanix
Applanix, a Trimble Company (NASDAQ: TRMB), develops, manufactures, sells, and supports products and solutions for Mobile Mapping and Positioning. Applanix’ Position and Orientation Systems (POS) are used in a variety of applications, including road profiling, GIS data acquisition, aerial surveying and mapping, railroad track maintenance, and seafloor mapping. Established in 1991, Applanix supports customers around the world with exceptional service.