Pointools Laser Scanning Software Brings Rhino 3D Designs to Life

London, 22 July 2010 – Pointools, the laser scanning data processing software specialist, has released the latest version of Pointools 4 Rhino. Delivering industry leading point cloud display technology into Rhinoceros 3D modelling software means that designers can visualise their designs within a real world context. Pointools allows 3D models to be created from the millions of 3D measurements collected by laser scanning devices.
“Designers cannot work in isolation,” commented Tony Rogers, co-founder and Director of Pointools Ltd, “they need to consider designs in their true context and be able to communicate essential components of their work to other parties involved in the product or project life cycle. By incorporating laser scanned data within the design environment Pointools 4 Rhino adds real world detail, improving visualisations and contributing an essential sense of place to the design process.”
Rhinoceros 3D is a standalone modelling tool developed by Robert McNeel & Associates and commonly used for industrial, marine, jewellery, graphic and automotive design as well as architecture, CAD / CAM, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering and multimedia. Pointools 4 Rhino enables users to benefit from Rhino’s powerful design toolset within a point cloud context and is ideal for visualising, modelling and drawing.
Working with 100s of millions of laser points Rhino users can now utilise different point shading settings in each viewport to optimise each view. Rapid viewport sections allow the user to easily make any orthographic view into a section view, choose its thickness and dynamically update its position by grabbing the section in another viewport. The Pointools plug also enables the construction plane to be linked to the section view so the user is always drawing in the right place.  Also included are powerful region tools for selection and manipulation of the data providing a fast easy way to view only the data required.

About Pointools
Pointools is an independent technology company focussed on developing state of the art software solutions to maximise the potential of point cloud data – the millions of 3D measurements usually collected by laser scanning devices. With applications in a wide range of markets including design, manufacturing, construction, engineering, heritage and surveying to name but a few the Pointools software portfolio includes the market leading manufacturer independent point cloud visualisation and presentation solution. The Pointools product suite includes Pointools Edit, Pointools View Pro, Pointools 4 Rhino, Pointools Model and Pointools Vortex API – recently selected by Bentley as the engine for their portfolio of solutions including Bentley MicroStation. For more information: info@pointools.com, www.pointools.com