The Schneider Corporation Launches Automated Permitting Solution for Government Organizations

Indianapolis — (August 4, 2010) — The Schneider Corporation (, a provider of creative solutions for land, infrastructure and facilities projects that help increase revenue, lower costs and mitigate risk, today announced it has developed an online, automated permitting solution that dramatically reduces the time it takes to generate building permits, and streamlines the entire permitting process.

The web-based permitting solution is a sophisticated workflow that automates the process as the permit moves along to various local government departments and individuals. Data is captured and maintained in the system. Designed as an independent solution among Schneider’s other products and services, Beacon™ users will have additional benefits of tight system integration, including auto-fill and auto-lookup of properties and web-based map sketching.

The solution will be demonstrated at the Schneider 2010 GIS Conferences in Indianapolis (August 4, 2010) and Ames, Iowa (August 10-11, 2010). Schneider will showcase Steuben County, Ind., a design partner for the solution. Information about the 2010 GIS Conference can be found at Steuben County will be live with the solution in September. The solution will be generally available to all 50 states by year-end.

“We developed the permitting solution based on client need,” said Jeff Corns, vice president of The Schneider Corporation. “The traditional way of handling permits creates a lot of frustration for both the consumer and local governments.”

The Schneider permitting solution benefits consumers because multiple trips to government offices are eliminated. Payments can be made online. Permits are processed consistently, duplication of effort is avoided and errors are reduced, speeding up the process. Updates are available online 24X7 so consumers can see where their permits stand in the process at any time, which leads to reduced frustration.

Governments benefit by being empowered to keep up with demand. Bottlenecks in the process are identified so customer service is improved. Errors are reduced, which leads to increased revenues. Staff hours spent on this task are reduced. No IT support is needed, since it is a hosted solution.

The Schneider permitting solution can process any form of permit such as building permits, electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits, as well as driveway permits, construction permits, conditional use permits, home occupation permits, and more. The solution also can be used for state permits such as handgun, alcohol sale and marriage permits.

About The Schneider Corporation
The Schneider Corporation provides creative solutions for land, infrastructure and facilities projects that help increase revenue, lower costs and mitigate risk. Schneider is a leader in providing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions to hundreds of municipal, county, state, federal and private entities. In a 2009 National Customer Satisfaction survey Schneider was rated “exceptional” or “one of the best” by virtually all respondents for reputation, customer service, product and service quality, and project execution. Our additional expertise in engineering, surveying and architecture enables us to offer an integrated approach to complex projects. A woman-owned business for decades, Schneider is recognized nationally for its award-winning work. For more information about Schneider, please visit For more information about Schneider GIS solutions, please visit