The Schneider Corporation Enhances Beacon GIS Solution With Oblique Imagery

Indianapolis — (July 29, 2010) — The Schneider Corporation (,) a provider of creative solutions for land, infrastructure and facilities projects that help increase revenue, lower costs and mitigate risk, today announced it is partnering with Pictometry International Corp. ( to provide aerial oblique imagery for its Beacon™ Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solution.

Schneider and Pictometry have been working together to develop the integrated solution that will provide Beacon™ users and Pictometry customers more frequently updated images and an easier to use interface.

Unlike satellite or aerial images, which provide orthogonal (straight down) views, Pictometry specializes in oblique (an approximate 40 degree angle) image capture. Pictometry captures and processes images of each targeted geographic area from 12 to 20 different views. As a result, buildings, properties and areas are identifiable and recognizable in a 3-D life-like appearance.

In Johnson County, Iowa, the county assessor is using the combined solution to reduce drive-by assessments. In addition, county law enforcement has found the imagery useful for emergency response situations.

“The Johnson County Assessor’s office utilizes the Beacon™ site to distribute information from several sources to the citizens of Johnson County. One of these sources is the Pictometry photography that we purchase. Having the Pictometry information supplementing our oblique photography and Streetscape iLookAbout imagery gives the customer a complete photographic experience that surpasses an onsite visit,” said Bill Greazel, Johnson County Assessor. “The Beacon™ site is a one-stop portal for all the information the assessor’s office has accumulated on a property, which is a substantial convenience to our customers, and also is a tool we use in our analysis for assessment purposes.“

Having the most current photography is crucial for our clients, according to Jeff Corns, Schneider vice president.  “Many public oblique imagery sources are not updated frequently. By partnering with Pictometry, Beacon™ customers know they have the most recent imagery available along with advanced tools from Pictometry to get the most out of the solution.”

“This integration makes it easy for Pictometry and Beacon™ customers to utilize county and state-wide information using a tool they are already accustomed to working with. This is a combined solution that benefits everyone,” said Dante Pennacchia, chief marketing officer for Pictometry.

Pictometry is a major sponsor of Schneider’s 2010 GIS Conferences in Indianapolis (August 4, 2010) and Ames, Iowa (August 10-11, 2010).  Information about the 2010 GIS Conference can be found at

About The Schneider Corporation
The Schneider Corporation provides creative solutions for land, infrastructure and facilities projects that help increase revenue, lower costs and mitigate risk.  Schneider is a leader in providing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions to hundreds of municipal, county, state, federal and private entities. Our additional expertise in engineering, surveying and architecture enables us to offer an integrated approach to complex projects.  A woman-owned business for decades, Schneider is recognized nationally for its award-winning work. For more information about Schneider, please visit For more information about Schneider GIS solutions, please visit

About Pictometry
Pictometry International Corp. is a leading provider of geo-referenced, aerial image libraries and related software. Pictometry has captured nearly 130 million digital aerial images which represent more than 80 percent of the United States population and all major U.S. markets. Using its proprietary imaging process, Pictometry captures geo-referenced, high-resolution orthogonal (straight down view) and oblique (captured at an angle) imagery within which structures and land features can be measured. Pictometry customizes and markets these technologies for government and commercial applications. Pictometry’s standard oblique imagery includes second order visualization tools that do not produce authoritative or definitive information (surveying).