LizardTech’s Express Server Software Awarded Certificate of Networthiness

Seattle, Wash. – July 27, 2010 – LizardTech®, a division of Celartem Inc. and a provider of software solutions for managing and distributing geospatial content, announced that its Express Server™ 6.1 software has received a Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) from the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command. Express Server’s submission for certification was facilitated by Spatial Engineering, a leading geospatial engineering firm located near Savannah, Georgia.

"After thoroughly evaluating several potential solutions, it is clear that LizardTech Express Server is the only choice for managing large volumes of imagery,” said Les Sears, Spatial Engineering’s vice president of research and development. “Express Server’s delivery of compressed imagery, ease of integration and performance greatly enhance the functionality and usability of our geospatial applications."

Express Server is LizardTech’s stable and easy-to-use solution for distributing imagery in standard geospatial formats and along with GeoExpress™ is the second product in LizardTech’s Express Suite line of geospatial software to receive certification. With Express Server, users on any device access imagery faster, even over low-bandwidth connections.

The Certificate of Networthiness signifies that Express Server is configured to the current Army Golden Master (AGM) baseline and complies with all U.S. Army and Department of Defense (DoD) standards for security, compatibility and sustainability. A CoN is required for all enterprise software products in the Army Enterprise Infrastructure Network. Certification applies to the U.S. Army as well as all National Guard, Army Reserve and DoD organizations that use the Army Enterprise Infrastructure Network.

“Receiving certification from the U.S. Army is a significant honor,” said Jon Skiffington, LizardTech’s director of marketing. “By demonstrating that our software meets the DoD’s strict security requirements, our customers within the US Army can now rapidly establish an Express Server installation to deliver imagery to their forward-deployed users, even over bandwidth-starved connections.”

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About Spatial Engineering
Founded in 2000, Spatial Engineering is a leading geospatial engineering firm located near beautiful Savannah, Georgia. In addition to offering a variety of geospatial services, Spatial Engineering provides complete geospatial solutions to public and private sector clients worldwide to support every CAD and GIS need. For more information about Spatial Engineering, visit

About LizardTech
Since 1992, LizardTech has delivered state-of-the-art software products for managing and distributing massive, high-resolution geospatial data such as aerial and satellite imagery and LiDAR data. LizardTech pioneered the MrSID® technology, a powerful wavelet-based image encoder, viewer, and file format, and sits on the Technical Committee of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) for the purpose of extending the capabilities of JPEG 2000 to geospatial applications, driving cross-platform interoperability and rapid Internet distribution for geospatial imagery. LizardTech has offices in Seattle, Denver, London and Tokyo and is a division of Celartem Technology Inc. (Hercules: 4330). For more information about LizardTech, visit or call 206-652-5211 or toll free 1-866-725-5211.

About Celartem
Celartem Technology Inc. develops and sells innovative technologies for storage, access and distribution of rich media content. Celartem has developed technology in the areas of digital image compression, scalable image viewing and secure content distribution and management. Celartem is listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange, Hercules: 4330. Established in 1996, Celartem is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and has a wholly owned subsidiary, Celartem Inc., with headquarters in Seattle.