Gaiamatics Solutions Launches Obliquemapper Software Tool

Mapping from oblique photography made easy!

Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia – July 26, 2010 – Gaiamatics Solutions today announced the official release of ObliqueMapper, a software tool for the collection of GIS data from oblique photography. Based upon the principles of modern photogrammetry, ObliqueMapper allows users to easily and efficiently generate 2D and 3D vector data from features observable within photographs.

Originally designed for flood mapping from aerial photography, ObliqueMapper has a wide range of applications including municipal, property and landscape mapping as well as environmental research.

Case studies have shown ObliqueMapper capable of meeting or exceeding the positional accuracies achieved via hand-held GPS/WAAS units; yet since GIS vector data can be produced for virtually anything that can be photographed, users are not limited by availability of the GPS signal.

Collecting vector data is as easy as digitizing features within the photographs. Additional data can be collected at a later date by simply reusing the photographs rather than having to revisit the site. This ability to “photograph once, collect many times” substantially reduces field times and costs, yet still allows GIS professionals to acquire and build comprehensive databases.

A free evaluation of ObliqueMapper is available for download at This is a fully featured version of the software that includes a demonstration data set. ObliqueMapper is available for direct purchase on the Gaiamatics website. Educational discounts are available.

About Gaiamatics Solutions
Gaiamatics Solutions is dedicated to developing affordable, high quality geomatics software solutions for the GIS and remote sensing communities. The company was founded in 2007 by faculty of the Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS), Nova Scotia, Canada. With their first release, ObliqueMapper, and their upcoming LiDAR processing solution LiDAR Workbench, Gaiamatics aims to bring geomatics to an even wider audience. For more information, visit