LiDAR Services International Inc. Announces Completion of Nicaragua LiDAR Project

Calgary, Alberta Canada – July 6, 2010 – LiDAR Services International (LSI) is pleased to announce the completion of a major LiDAR survey project in Nicaragua.

The project was for a Canadian mining company currently operating two mines in full production in Nicaragua. The company is moving forward with a new mine and needed updated topographic information as well as updated aerial photography. The new mine is located in an area of dense jungle canopy and has limited vehicle access. From the deliverables that will be provided by LSI, the mining company will be able to move forward on planning the new mine site in a very quick and efficient time line.

“LSI has completed a number of LiDAR projects in Central and South America”, said Tony Tubman President of LSI. “With the successful completion of this project, LSI can now add Nicaragua to our growing list of countries that we have worked in.” “The mining industry continues to be a big client for LSI and in 2010 to date we have a total of nine LiDAR projects either starting up or having been already completed from Yellowknife in the NWT to Nova Scotia in Canada and now into Nicaragua.”

About LiDAR Services International Inc
Based in Calgary Alberta, LSI is a highly experienced LiDAR service company offering LiDAR mapping and digital imagery data collection services for a wide variety of industries. LSI owns and operates three HELIX proprietary LiDAR systems, two of which are using the latest in digital waveform scanning laser technology. LSI has successfully completed LiDAR projects in Asia, Africa, Dominican Republic, Central and South America as well as in the USA and Canada.