Parcel Builder 4.0 to Be Previewed at ESRI International User Conference

St. Charles, IL – Parcel Builder® is quickly becoming recognized as the de facto software standard for parcel mapping within the geodatabase.  In its commitment to keep Parcel Builder’s over 700 users current with the ESRI® technology they use, Sidwell announces Parcel Builder 4.0.   Sidwell’s development team has been working for months to take advantage of the new editing, printing, and workflow components of ArcGIS® 10.  Parcel Builder 4.0 builds upon the successes of its preceding versions by offering more functionality, better integration, and easier to use tools.  Most of all, Parcel Builder has been enhanced to take full advantage of ArcGIS 10.

Parcel Builder 4.0 demonstrations will be available at the upcoming 2010 ESRI International User Conference, July 12-16 in San Diego. Visit Sidwell at Booth # 1114 to learn more about this exciting new product!

Parcel Builder 4.0 will allow users to maintain parcel maps using standard non-proprietary feature classes while taking advantage of the geodetic control tools available within the new parcel fabric feature class type.  Another important change is that Parcel Builder 4.0 is re-engineered to the .Net platform, which positions it for migration to a web computing environment.

The Parcel Builder tagged data model has been embraced by well over 100 counties as an efficient geodatabase schema within which to maintain cadastral data.  It eliminates the need to maintain redundant boundaries while ensuring that boundaries that are supposed to be coincident really are coincident.  In Parcel Builder 4.0, maintenance of this model has been fully integrated into the new ArcGIS 10 editing interface. Parcel Builder 4.0 also utilizes a new license server and offers single user, concurrent, or leased licensing, including a site license option.

Parcel Builder-Administrator® provides more flexible access to linked data from other applications, and the option to associate multiple data columns to the geodatabase parcel feature class. Additional options for automated parcel numbering include a “snake” tool for quick and simple sequential numbering.  With parcels being a basic data element of many city and county departments, the interface to CAMA and Recorder’s Office systems has greatly improved.

Parcel Builder-AddressManager® has been integrated with Parcel Builder-Administrator so that addressing personnel will know when new parcels have been added in real time.  The critical association between parcel number and site address will be automatically established as the addresses are assigned.

In response to our users request for tools to support commonly repeated tasks, we are introducing an improved tag editor, enhanced support for “undo”, improved annotation support, a mailing list generator, a quick query tool, pre-configured thematic mapping, and one button generation of pre-formatted maps. Parcel Builder 4.0 also offers a new browser based web viewing application built with the Silverlight Rich Internet Application platform: PB-Portico®. This totally new parcel mapping and data access toolset will provides a map-centric experience for GIS professionals and citizens wishing to search, query, and compare their property tax records.

Brent Mainzinger, Sidwell’s Vice President of Technology said, “Parcel Builder 4.0 represents the most significant advancement of our code since the inception of the product.  While Parcel Builder 4.0 will provide immediate benefits to our clients by delivering more powerful and efficient editing tools, it will also enable us to quickly add new capabilities to the product as we move ahead. “

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