New Release, "The Surveyor", by Renowned History Artist

History artist Gary Crouch announced the availability of "The SURVEYOR". The work is published as a limited edition of 3,500 signed and numbered prints, complete with certificates of authenticity.
According to Crouch, "As a history artist it has come to my attention that there is little or nothing offered to the surveyor in the way of historical commemorative artwork for a very honorable profession. After research I realized just how  important the surveyor is, not only today, but in the founding of our country."
Crouch added, " I have spent the last several years in preserving history through art by noting the elements of the times from the early 1800s to early 1900s. Most have been in the areas of the American West and the oil & gas industry."
Prints may be ordered by contacting Chris Crouch at: 817-907-2097 or by email at Visit to view the print as well as other artworks by Gary Crouch.