Sidwell Helps Walsh County, ND Facilitate Assessment of Agricultural Properties

St. Charles, IL – Walsh County is located in the northeastern corner of the state of North Dakota, and is bordered on this east by the Red River. The County was aware of their need to be in compliance with North Dakota’s state-mandated agricultural assessment standards. Walsh County selected The Sidwell Company of St. Charles, Illinois to assist them in achieving this goal based on Sidwell’s reputation for providing cost-effective GIS products and services to nearly 20 other North Dakota counties. They recognized that Sidwell continues to work closely with local assessment officials to ensure that all formulas, calculations and reports generated by their Farmland Assessment and Report Management System (FARMS) software remain compliant with agricultural assessment standards set by the state.

Using the County’s current digital aerial photography, existing GIS parcel data, and the County’s tax administration database, Sidwell will remap all land use classifications in a pre-selected township. All land use delineations will be drawn to occupational evidence shown on the aerial photography, and existing parcel boundaries and right-of-way boundaries will be also be used as land use boundaries where appropriate. Information contained within the tax administration database will be used to confirm whether a parcel is agricultural or non-agricultural. The resulting database will then be used by Walsh County to facilitate the process of assessment for all agricultural properties.

About Sidwell
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