Clint Brown of ESRI Offers Up 10 Cool things To Do at the 2010 ESRIUC

An interesting Esri User Conference update from GISuser… Clint Brown is a name you will recognize and a familiar face to anyone who’s ever attended an International ESRI UC. 

He should, Clint is the Director of Software Products Esri, Inc. and will no doubt, once again, be a familiar presence on stage at the UC.

Clint has always been eager to share with us, for example, almost every year he shares his favorite 10 UC things to do, he also provides feature content occasionally, like this fine article (still very interesting) back in 2004 titled "The Role of GIS Portals and Spatial Data Infrastructures" Several times over the years we’ve asked Clint if he’d like to share a few pointers and tips highlighting interesting things that people should have on their "Must Do" list while attending this year’s conference. And so… once again we’re pleased to share 10 things to do at the Esri User Conference in 2010.

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