Sidwell to Aid Harrison County, MS in Achieving Compliance with Tax Commission Deadlines

St. Charles, IL – Harrison County, which was first formed in the year 1841, is located on the Gulf coast of the state of Mississippi.  The County sustained catastrophic damage in when it was struck by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Due to extensive rebuilding and renewal of the area, coupled with other circumstances beyond their control, the County recently found themselves faced with a significant backlog of map maintenance work, and at risk of not being in compliance with deadlines set by the Mississippi State Tax Commission (MSTC). They also were in need of optimizing their existing GIS data and software configuration for better access to GIS data resources. To assist them with their maintenance workflows, and map maintenance backlog, and GIS database optimization, the County selected The Sidwell Company to provide professional GIS technical services.

For the GIS data and software optimization, Sidwell’s technical staff will perform multiple days of on-site services and training at Harrison County to streamline and improve the performance of their existing ESRI ArcGIS based GIS solution. Data sources will be evaluated and reconfigured to ensure improved performance for County staff and for end users.  These professional services will ensure that the County’s GIS data is as up-to-date as reasonably possible and operating in an improved capacity. This  will help them achieve their goal of compliance with the MSTC deadlines. The knowledge transfer performed at the conclusion of the project is expected to help the County streamline their map maintenance operations and administration and allow them to avoid future backlog problems with their system.

In addition, Sidwell will perform of remote administration of the County’s ArcGIS Server installation. The first two months will focus on the provision of advanced remote administration of the geodatabase synchronization between Sidwell and Harrison County for the duration of the cadastral map maintenance backlog project being performed by Sidwell.  At the end of that phase, Sidwell will focus on general remote administration of the County’s instance of ArcGIS Server.  This includes regular reconcile and post functions of GIS data, as well as standard best practice administration services.

About Sidwell
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