Intuicom Releases the SLR 900 Transceiver

A Custom 900 MHz Transceiver for Leica Viva GNSS GS15 Receiver

Boulder, CO, February 12, 2010- Intuicom®, a leader in wireless data solutions, announces the release of the license- free SLR 900™ – an integrated transceiver module for the Leica VIVA GS15 receiver. This new high-performance data link, developed specifically for Leica Geosystems, provides a modular 900 MHz communication link for the transmission and receipt of RTK corrections.

Built upon the “best-in-class” performance of Intuicom’s 900 MHz products, the SLR 900 provides the following key features:
• Simple Installation: Slot in Radio inserts directly into VIVA GS15 receiver
• Easy Setup: Configurable thru Leica Viva CS10/CS15 controllers
• Single-Unit Operation: Configurable as Base, Rover or Rover/Repeater
• Field Rugged: Once inserted into the GS15, it meets the VIVA environmental specifications of IP67.
• License Free Operation in North America and Beyond: No user licensing is required for the US, Canada, and other parts of the world.
• Network RTK Support: Compatible with Intuicom RTK Bridge™ (900 MHz) product offerings.
• 2-Year Warranty: Low cost of operation
• Supports Legacy Equipment: Compatible with Intuicom 1200 Data Links and other Intuicom 900 MHz products.

“The SLR 900 offers the Leica Viva users ease of operation and high performance in a license-free solution,” said Peter Miller, Director of Engineering for Intuicom, Inc. “This product also benefits customers with existing equipment as it is compatible with previous generations of 900 MHz radios as well as the Intuicom RTK Bridge for Network RTK”.

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