Earl Dudley Signs Exclusive Landfill Grade Software Agreement with Carlson for Southeast Region

Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina covered by agreement.

Maysville, Ky. (June 14, 2010) – Earl Dudley, Inc., established in 1938, is well known for supplying the construction and surveying industries with surveying equipment and supplies, GPS systems, machine control, laser scanners and software. Now, landfill operations in four southern states can look to Earl Dudley for state-of-the-art software, the Carlson Landfill Grade GPS Management System.

Designed for use with landfill compactors, dozers and scrapers, Carlson’s 3D positioning software for landfills provides real-time information in the machine and in the office. It can also be remotely monitored from anywhere. Its productivity analysis combined with daily density, pass counts, deflection and volume reports allows operators to reach desired density, maximizing airspace, in less time as well as minimizing daily cover.

“Earl Dudley is widely recognized for their commitment to servicing the products they sell,” says Randy Noland, vice president of Carlson Positioning & Machine Control. “Landfill optimization and management using application centric software and 3D machine control is experiencing rapid growth and Earl Dudley is right at the forefront. They will be exclusive distributors for Carlson Landfill Grade and related products in Alabama, North and South Carolina, and Tennessee. We are excited about our new partnership and opportunities.”

In addition to Carlson’s landfill machine control software, Earl Dudley is also a dealer for Carlson’s civil, survey and construction data collectors and desktop software.

“We have worked with Carlson Software since 1985 and so are happy to offer this 3D landfill-machine control software that supplies the features and functionality that today’s waste management industry not only needs, but demands,” says John Dudley, president of Earl Dudley, Inc. “The software, together with our leading GPS hardware offerings, enable us to provide the best possible solution for our customers.”

Carlson Software produces technically advanced software solutions for the civil engineering, land surveying, machine control/positioning, solid waste landfill, mining, and law enforcement industries. For more information about Earl Dudley, call 800-633-6457, or visit www.earldudley.com. To speak to a customer service representative at Carlson, call 800-989-5028, or for more details about Carlson Landfill Grade, visit www.carlsonsw.com