Aero-Photo (1961) Inc. Purchases Fourth Vexcel Imaging Camera

Graz, Austria — June 9, 2010 — Aero-Photo (1961) Inc. has contracted with Vexcel Imaging GmbH, a Microsoft® company, to purchase an additional UltraCamLp medium-format camera system. This purchase closely follows the purchase of two UltraCamLp and one UltraCamXp large-format camera system in March 2010.

Aero-Photo is continuing the process of repositioning itself in the North American market by investing in the up-to-date technical resources available. The company will use the new camera to provide aerial data collection services for forest inventories, mapping, engineering, mining and corridors.

"Our latest acquisition of an UltraCamLp camera will provide Aero-Photo (1961) with more flexibility to respond quickly to the needs of our customers,” stated Mr. Paul Grenier, President of Aero-Photo (1961) Inc. “We feel that it is important to have adequate resources to run multiple projects simultaneously to keep up with the growing demand for aerial acquisition."

The UltraCamLp is a unique camera system addressing the medium-format market with large-format image quality and efficiency; it is also suitable for smaller aircraft and projects requiring a rapid response. The camera provides the same high geometric accuracy, broad dynamic range, matching and stereo capabilities, and full metric capabilities as the UltraCamX, UltraCamXp, and UltraCamXp Wide Angle large-format cameras.

“The fact that Aero-Photo (1961) has purchased four digital camera systems from Vexcel Imaging in the first half of 2010 is an indication of the great value for the price that our customers enjoy,” said Alexander Wiechert, Business Director of Microsoft and Managing Director for Vexcel Imaging GmbH. “The UltraCamLp is a highly versatile medium-format camera system that is suitable for many types of projects.”

About the UltraCamLp
Based on the UltraCamL, the UltraCamLp features the same advanced technical specifications but boasts an even larger format collection at 92 megapixels (11,704 x 7,920 pixels pan) compared to the UltraCamL 64-megapixel format. This image format capability is made possible through new electronics and a smaller CCD array of just 6 µm. The system is ideal for smaller large-scale and photogrammetric projects, high-resolution (true) orthophoto production, DSM (digital surface model) production, aerotriangulation, corridor mapping, and lidar integration.

About Vexcel Imaging, GmbH
Acquired by Microsoft Corporation in May 2006, Vexcel Imaging GmbH brings more than two decades of photogrammetry expertise to Microsoft’s Bing Maps business unit and is at the heart of the burgeoning Microsoft photogrammetry business. The company’s offerings include its series of UltraCam large- and medium-format digital aerial mapping cameras and related software tools such as the UltraMap 2.0 workflow software.

About Aero-Photo (1961) Inc.
Founded in 1961, Aero-Photo (1961) Inc. is a leading North American aerial mapping firm based in Québec, Canada. Recently acquired by experienced professionals, Aero-Photo is led by three veterans of the aerial mapping industry: Paul Grenier, Marcel Laberge, and Christian Levesque. Aero-Photo specializes in aerial acquisition and related geomatics services. It offers its customers integrated services for aerial photography (analog and digital) and laboratory services and professional services in photogrammetry and orthophoto production, as well as distribution of the derived data. Through its affiliate Core Geospatial Inc., Aero-Photo also sells commercial photogrammetry software, DVP Suite, and MyGeoWorld, a Web diffusion and integration platform for geospatial applications. For more information, go to