First Block IIF GPS Satellite PRN25/SVN62 Now Active

PRN25/SVN62, the first Block IIF satellite launched on day 148, is active as of day 157 (06 Jun 2010). Corresponding observation data is available from "all-in-view" tracking receivers:

This PRN is already included in the analysis scheme at CODE. Starting with our day 157 rapid and day 158 12UT ultra-rapid orbit submission, the CODE GNSS orbit products include 51 satellites (32 GPS plus 19 GLONASS).

Remarks: G01 is permanently marked unhealthy, G25 (just launched) will undergo extensive on-orbit check out and testing prior to being set healthy (according to NANU 2010098); R07 is currently inactive. R09 is excluded from our analysis since data for the second frequency is absent.