Smart Receiver Technology Demonstrator Now Available

In preparation of the Smart Receiver splinter meeting in Newcastle, a Technology Demonstrator version of the GPS dancer software is now available on-line at

This is an early release of the software to offer participants in the meeting, and everybody else, an early preview of a Smart Receiver system. Running the demos requires JAVA 1.6 and about an hour of your time.

GPS dancer splits a conventional batch least squares process into as many sub-processes as there are receivers, and makes these processes work together over the internet, to solve common orbits, satellite clocks and Earth rotation parameters.

A GPS dancer process can run on a local computer near the receiver, but may in the future be fully embedded on the receiver hardware itself. The network of such Smart Receivers builds an autonomous, scalable grid computer on the internet, allowing reference frame solutions for an unlimited number of geodetic receivers at a high data rate.

For more information please check out the project web site, or stop by at the splinter meeting. You can still register until next Monday.