ASPRS Announces Recent Awards

Qassim Abdullah Winner of Photogrammetric Award

The Photogrammetric Award (Fairchild) was awarded to Qassim Abdullah, PhD at the 2010 Annual ASPRS Conference in San Diego in April.  This award, the essence of which is practicability, is designed to stimulate the development of the art of aerial photogrammetry in the United States.  The selection committee makes its choice based on an outstanding invention or design involving any type of equipment that applies to the art of aerial photogrammetry; any outstanding method developed for the general use of aerial photographs and/or imagery; outstanding research for study along aerial photogrammetric lines and outstanding effort for the general advancement of the art of photogrammetry.  Lockheed Martin donates funding for the award, which consists of a silver presentation plaque.

Abdullah is an accomplished scientist with more than 30 years of combined industrial, research and development and academic experience in analytical photogrammetry, digital remote sensing and civil and surveying engineering.  Among his accomplishments, Abdullah developed proprietary software applications for use in digital orthophotography and DEM production; developed and integrated a metric digital aerial camera for rapid image acquisition; integrated airborne GPS into conventional aerotriangulation adjustments; refined inertial navigation systems and GPS technology for position and orientation measurement; and developed integrated airborne GPS, inertial measurement, lidar data acquisition and development of precise positioning algorithms and processes.

A civil engineer, ASPRS Certified Photogrammetrist, and professional surveyor, Abdullah currently serves as Fugro EathData’s chief scientist responsible for designing and managing strategic programs to develop and implement new remote sensing technologies that allow Fugro EarthData to meet the evolving needs of geospatial users.

Additional awards made during the ASPRS 76th Annual Conference and administered by the ASPRS Foundation were:
Robert N. Colwell Memorial Fellowship
Winner: Frank D. W. Witmer 
Boeing Award for Best Paper in Image Analysis and Interpretation
Winners:  Xin Huang, Liangpei Zhang, and Pingxiang Li
ERDAS Award for Best Scientific Paper in Remote Sensing
Winners:  Hua Liu and Qihao Weng
ESRI Award for Best Scientific Paper in GIS
Winners:  John R. Jensen, Michael E. Hodgson, Maria Garcia-Quijano, Jungho Im, and Jason A. Tullis
Talbert Abrams Award
Winners:  Karsten Raguse and Christian Heipke
William A. Fischer Memorial Scholarship
Winner:  Benjamin W. Heumann

Robert E. Altenhofen Memorial Scholarship
Winner:  Caixia Wang

Ta Lian Memorial Award
Winner:  Jason Parent
Abraham Anson Memorial Scholarship
Winner:  Tyler Rigazio

John O. Behrens Institute for Land Information Memorial Scholarship
Winner:  Elizabeth Young
Kenneth J. Osborn Memorial Scholarship
Winner:  Eric Wilder
GeoEye Award
Winner:  David Meek and Chandi Witharana

Intergraph Scholarship
Winner: Jaehong Oh

Kodak International Educational Literature Award (KIELA)
Winner:  The Waiariki Institute of Technology

Francis H. Moffitt Memorial Scholarship
Winner:  Ivan D. Detchev

Paul R. Wolf Memorial Scholarship
Winner:  Benjamin E. Wilkinson

BAE Systems Award
Winner:  Jaehong Oh

Complete information on all of the above awards can be found at

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About The ASPRS Foundation
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