The Oce ColorWave 300 Single Footprint Plot and Scan System for Wide Format Color and B&W Output

We recently had a chance to experience a close up demo of the Oce Colorwave 300… a wide format plotting workhorse and much more. The "300" could easily become the poster-child for Oce, in particular for their wide-format plotting solutions team and their target audience of GIS, CAD, and mapping professionals.

Idealy a mid-volume production team’s solution, the ColorWave 300 stands out from the rest of the pack as being the world’s first single footprint multifunction system that can print, copy and scan wide format documents in both color and black & white. For users requiring large format copy, scan, print/plot capabilities the 300 delivers, but perhaps the biggest selling point of this innovative machine is that it offers the user significantly reduced costs of Wide Format Printing while also reducing the requirements for space (think 3 machines in one).

An impressive demo revealed first hand just how fast, quiet, and economical this workhorse is. The 300 can easily churn out an E-size monochrome plot in a blazing 43 seconds, or a full size (E) color print in 63 seconds. The output is dry to the touch upon completion, is simple to stack or sort thanks to an innovative anti-curl technology, and when complemented with the optional top delivery stacking tray, the 300 provides users with the ability to churn out stackable, unattended print jobs – hit send and go to lunch! For the user, front loading management makes access very simple and built-in intelligence means that the 300 can determine best print mode on the fly.

Officially announced back in February 2010, this integrated solution enables companies to Save space and investment costs – think no need to invest in separate systems for large format color and black & white documents. It is ideal for businesses with limited space as only one system is needed instead of two to print in both color and black & white. It offers architects, engineering, construction and commercial printing companies an ideal alternative to conventional wide format toner systems.

Printing, copying and scanning – in color and black and white

Businesses can print, copy and scan color and black & white wide format documents on the Oce‚ ColorWave 300 multifunction printer. It is the first system with a truly integrated scanner, meaning all functions can be controlled from one simple user panel, and there is only one IP address to maintain. Unique Oce‚ technologies, like Oce‚ Image Logic and Oce‚ Dynamic Switching, ensure first-time-right results. The powerful controller swiftly handles the most popular file formats – HPGL/2, PDF, DWF, and JPEG – without sacrificing speed. Users can print and scan documents via a USB flash drive.

Helps businesses print sustainably – This system offers an economical way to add color to enhance technical documents and produce color promotional materials. It delivers the ease of use and workflow efficiency of an Oc‚ black & white system and the versatility of a color printer.


  • Print, copy, and scan all your color and black and white wide format documents on one system.
  • Reduce floor space requirements and costs by replacing multiple printers and scanners with a single system for both color and monochrome output.
  • Save space and organize using the optional delivery tray for stacking and collating
  • This system easily accommodates monochrome jobs without compromising on throughput for color applications.
  • Waste is eliminated by using automatic original and media size recognition and image positioning features to avoid misprints. 
  • Thermal inkjet with Oce‚ Dynamic Switching technology
  • 3 black printheads (K) and 2 printheads each color (C, M, Y)
  • Black and white: 41 seconds/E size; Color: 63 seconds/E size Instant on 3 rolls standard cfg
  • Front-accessible receiving tray
  • True: 600 > 600 dpi
  • Up to 395′ per roll, standard 2 rolls
  • Output width – 11"-36"
  • Output length – 8.5"-147′ 6" (might infl uence side margins when > 16′)
  • Paper weight – 16 lb.-50 lb.
  • Uncoated papers, recycled papers, coated papers, transparent papers, photo papers and films

Finally, a great way to wrap up looking at the Colorwave 300 would be to list our Top 10 things:

  • Multi-tasking – there’s no question that having 3 machines in one is economical
  • 400 ml ink tank
  • Dynamic Switching technology – switch between simple CAD to full color images without configuration changes
  • 9 print heads in total – 3 Black, 2ea CYM
  • Supports media up to 50 lb bond
  • San to/from USB flash drive
  • Oc‚ Express WebTools to manage your print jobs
  • Optional top delivery tray enables efficient stacking and eliminates need to babysit the plotter!
  • Concurrent print, copy, scan and file processing
  • print sustainably – As it is based on thermal inkjet technology, the system does not produce any ozone, dust or odors.

Companies having little or no need for scanning but perhaps a need for large volumes of printed output may be more interested in the ColorWave 600. Recall the 600 is a dry toner system (think instant dry) thanks to the use of the innovative toner pearls and has a whopping 6 roll x 650′ of media capacity. The ColorWave 600 with its multi-roll capacity also sports a stacker as well as comprehensive print submit software.

The Oce‚ ColorWave 600

Created essentially to "ride the wave of color", the "600" sports the following characteristics:

– up to 6 rolls of media – 2 or 4 roll version is also an option, each providing 650 feet of paper via 2" or 3" cores
– direct dry
– easy load technology
– no odor, no ozone emissions
– 1200 dpi output
– internal Linux OS
– optional post script drivers, accounting software, and drawers
– 42" media width – this could be an issue for those wanting 48" wide output.
– Target volume of 10,000 – 60,000 square feet p/month
– Example output speed, 1575 square ft hr in economy mode, 750 square feet per hour in production mode, 250 square feet per hour in presentation mode.
– A workhorse! The "600" can run non-stop at a 2-day show and churn out some 12,000 square feet of output.
– Provided reproduction desk software (optional ??) helps to monitor and manage your workflows.

Before you rush out and buy one of these bad boys, you’ll need to keep in mind that the ColorWave 600 is ideally suited for mid-volume production houses that crank out at least 10-15,000 square feet of output per month (some of you may consider this to be high-volume). I’m not talking $$$ quite yet but this number will be useful in determining if this would be a cost-effective solution for you. If you start thinking about this, Oc‚ has software that will enable any interested parties to input some numbers, trying multiple scenarios, and determining what your true costs and revenues would be if a ColourWave 600 were to be placed in your workshop.

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companies or individuals with the desire to diversify their business, the addition of the Oce Posterizer solution (think software wizard with database integration to facilitate rapid, high quality poster output) enables any end user to easily develop and grow a color printing business… a perfect way to add a revenue stream and capitalize on under-used staff and materials… why not have the plotter work nights and week-ends to generate added revenue?

About Posterizer…

Posterizer is a complete retail signage solution, including software, hardware, consumables and services, that makes it easy to produce point of sale (POS) signage that supports consistent branding initiatives – exactly when, where and how users need it. The solution was designed for both large retail merchandising departments and small retail chain stores. However, it can also be used by pick-and-pack distributors and other print providers that create signage solutions for retail partners. 

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