Bohannan Huston Welcomes Certified Photogrammetrist and Digital Mapping Professional

Eric Andelin has joined the Bohannan Huston Dallas Office

Albuquerque, New Mexico / May 18, 2010 – Eric Andelin, C.P. has joined Bohannan Huston, Inc. (BHI) as operations manager for BHI’s Dallas office. In this role, Mr. Andelin will direct the delivery of the spatial data services BHI provides to clients throughout the region. These services include terrestrial and aerial LiDAR, mobile mapping, traditional surveying, aerial photogrammetry, and geographic information systems (GIS) support.

Mr. Andelin is a Certified Photogrammetrist and GIS Professional who most recently served as VP of operations for Tulsa-based Aerial Data Services. He has also held regional management positions with BAE Systems and Western Air Maps, where he directed aerial photography and mapping projects for departments of transportation (DOTs) and local governments throughout the Southwest. He currently serves on the board of directors of the Management Association of Professional Photogrammetric Surveyors (MAPPS) and chairs the MAPPS programs committee.

"We’re thrilled to have Eric join our team and bring his technical expertise with all mapping platforms to the Dallas market," said Bradley Adams, BHI senior vice president and managing principal of the Dallas office.

BHI deploys a full range of spatial data technologies including LiDAR (light detection and ranging) surface measurement, digital photogrammetry (high-precision measurements from imagery), and orthophotography (geometrically corrected aerial photographs). BHI utilizes these technologies to produce site mapping for engineering design projects, both for the company’s internal staff of engineers and for external clients such as federal, state and local governments, DOTs, and commercial developers and designers.

Notable BHI spatial data work includes completion of a 17-county orthophotography project for the Dallas District of TxDOT, a 7-county digital mapping/orthophotography project for NCTCOG, and numerous survey and digital mapping projects for TxDOT in areas such as Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston and Amarillo.

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