Geneq Integrates DGPS Beacon Inside SXBlue II GPS

Montreal — Geneq Inc., the pioneer in SBAS-based sub-meter GPS mapping systems, announced they have integrated a DGPS Beacon receiver inside their SXBlue II GPS product. Named the SXBlue II-B GPS, it expands the SXBlue II sub-meter GPS mapping performance to over 38 countries around the world wherever a DGPS beacon transmitter is broadcasting.

Reinforcing Geneq’s “Real-time, All the Time” strategy, the SXBlue II-B GPS is capable of receiving sub-meter corrections from SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS) or from any of the more than 200 DGPS beacon transmitters broadcasting in over 38 countries around the globe free of charge. This gives the SXBlue II-B GPS unmatched real-time, sub-meter performance around the world with the user having the choice of using SBAS or DGPS corrections.

Being able to utilize the DGPS beacon corrections allows the SXBlue II-B GPS to receive free real-time sub-meter corrections in some geographic areas where SBAS doesn’t serve such as parts of Australia, South Africa, South America, India, and Iceland. Additionally, the SXBlue II-B GPS is able to utilize the United States NDGPS (Nationwide DGPS) system of nearly 90 beacon transmitters that provide free GPS correction coverage to over 92% of the land mass of the Continental United States (CONUS).

In addition to GIS mapping, the SXBlue II-B GPS is well-suited for marine navigation as it meets International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA), US Coast Guard (USCG), and US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) requirements. It is Certified IEC 61108-4 compliant, the international standard for ship borne DGPS marine navigation systems.

The SXBlue II-B is compact and rugged for optimal field use, requiring no backpack nor external batteries. It is completely waterproof and ruggedized, meeting stringent IP-67 requirements. It weighs slightly more than one pound and measures only 5.57” (14.1cm) x 3.15” (8.0cm) x 2.2” (5.6cm). The SXBlue II-B comes with a compact, waterproof antenna that receives GPS, SBAS and DGPS beacon signals. No other antenna is required.

Other standard features include a field-replaceable integrated battery pack with “gas gauge”, 200-meter long-range Bluetooth™, USB port and RS-232 port. Optional features include 10Hz/20Hz update rates, RTCM output and L1 RTK for real-time cm-level positioning.

The SXBlue II-B is targeted at GPS/GIS mapping professionals in industries such as Forestry, Utility, Agriculture and other Natural Resources industries in addition to Municipal, State and Federal Government users as well as marine navigation users.

About Geneq Inc.
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