Ambercore Delivers Solution to Canadian Atlantic Province for Management of Large Spatial Data Sets

Ottawa, Canada, Wednesday, May 12, 2010 – The 4D-iQ Spatial Solutions division of Ambercore, the 4D company, is pleased to announce that its Ecosphere iQ environmental industry solution has been delivered to the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Environment and Conservation. The organization plans to use the solution to manage their large high resolution spatial data sets, including laser scanning (LiDAR) data for a range of environmental applications. Ecosphere iQ can integrate, visualize and process many different types of spatial data together, including high resolution LiDAR data, on a province wide scale. This makes it easier when conducting provincial environmental projects at a very detailed level.
As with all of Ambercore’s software products, Ecosphere iQ allows clients to load, view and browse large high resolution data in 3D, integrate this data with additional spatial data from other systems in the organization, derive and extract information from the data, and share and disseminate the results within the organization. At the core of Ecosphere iQ is the 4D-iQ Engine, which efficiently handles large, high resolution LiDAR data sets having tens of billions of points, and large imagery data, Gigabytes in size. It can then display point clouds containing billions of LiDAR data points, bare earth digital terrain models, and full feature digital elevation models – all in 3D.

“We are confident that our technology’s ability to handle high resolution LiDAR data on a provincial scale will be a great asset to the environmental projects in Newfoundland,” says Ted Reeler, Director of Projects & Technology for Ambercore.

About Ambercore
Ambercore is the 4D Company. We make innovative mobile LiDAR technology, we provide LiDAR data collection services, and integrate and extract knowledge from 4D data. Ambercore’s 4D-iQ division provides enterprise-scale software and service solutions for Energy, Mining and natural resource sectors. With its powerful spatial modeling and simulation software, 4D-iQ helps clients make important business decisions by collecting, integrating and analyzing spatial information in 2D, 3D and in 4D (over time). TITAN® is a revolutionary technology that produces high accuracy survey and mapping products for corridor and infrastructure projects across a number of vertical markets. Travelling at highway speeds – or on rail or vessel – the system uses state-of-the-art LiDAR, imaging and positioning technology to provide feature rich 3-dimensional data, from which intelligent information is extracted and delivered to clients. TITAN® has been deployed on projects throughout the world since 2003. Ambercore’s Terrapoint Division has provided LiDAR and other digital mapping services for a diverse clientele in over forty countries for the past twenty years. Terrapoint’s primary focus is to find solutions that fit client needs, and to continue a reputation for meeting and exceeding client demands in the delivery of digital elevation and image data. Service and product offerings include complete airborne LiDAR, and digital imaging for engineering, survey and mapping applications. Terrapoint is considered a leader in aerial LiDAR services, and owns one of the largest fleets of sensors in the world. Best of breed solutions comprised of software, hardware and services have been deployed internationally with tier-one clients. Ambercore is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with offices in Houston, Calgary, South Africa and Europe.