Albany, N.Y., Municipal Landfill Chooses Carlson Landfill Grade 3D Landfill Management System

GeoShack North America, submitting a proposal utilizing Carlson Software’s Landfill Grade, was awarded the contract to supply the 3D Landfill Management System for the Albany (N.Y.) Municipal Landfill.

Carlson Software Inc. and GeoShack North America Inc. recently reached a partnership agreement making GeoShack North America the exclusive distributor for Carlson’s Landfill Grade GPS Management System in 12 U.S. states and all of Canada.

Carlson Landfill Management Products are designed for use with landfill compactors, dozers and scrapers. The 3D positioning software provides real-time information in the machine and in the office. This allows operators to reach desired density, maximizing airspace in less time as well as minimizing daily cover. The office software offers productivity analysis and daily density and volume reports, which can be remotely monitored from anywhere.

According to the official site of the city of Albany, N.Y., “The City of Albany, Department of General Services, owns and operates its own landfill, servicing 14 different municipalities in 2 counties. The challenges and benefits that this presents make us highly aware of the issues surrounding waste collection in our modern society. It motivates us to continue providing the most all-encompassing waste collection program possible for our city. It requires us to strive for continuous improvements in recycling and waste disposal for the betterment of our city and our planet Earth.”

“The combination of Carlson’s state-of-the-art landfill machine control software with our leading GPS hardware offerings enable us to put forth the best possible solution for customers,”  says Scott Beathard, president and CEO of GeoShack North America Inc.

In addition to New York, the states for which GeoShack North America has exclusive distribution for Carlson Landfill Management Solutions include Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

About Carlson Software and GeoShack North America
Carlson Software produces technically advanced software solutions for the civil engineering, land surveying, machine control/positioning, solid waste landfill, mining, and law enforcement industries. GeoShack North America is a leading distributor of leveling, alignment, measurement, guidance, and grade control solutions to the construction, survey, agricultural, landfill, mining, and industrial systems in the markets it serves For more information, visit or