ERDAS APOLLO Supports Microsoft SQL Server

Norcross, GA – ERDAS announces that ERDAS APOLLO 2010, Version 10.1 now supports Microsoft SQL Server in ERDAS APOLLO Essentials – SDI, ERDAS APOLLO Advantage and ERDAS APOLLO Professional.

ERDAS has over 30 years of imagery expertise on both the desktop and server environments, and ERDAS APOLLO is the best solution in the market for managing and delivering imagery.  On top of handling extensive volumes of dynamic and static images, ERDAS APOLLO also easily delivers feature data, terrain and virtually any digital object.  With ERDAS APOLLO, organizations can understand, manage and rapidly serve large volumes of geospatial data. ERDAS APOLLO implements an out-of-the box Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Microsoft SQL Server provides an intelligent data platform for running mission-critical applications, reducing time, cost of development and management of applications. Microsoft SQL Server enables users to store data from structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents and images, delivering a rich set of integrated services that maximize the power of data.

“We are excited to add support for data stored in Microsoft SQL Server in ERDAS APOLLO 2010, Version 10.1,” said Mladen Stojic, Senior Vice President, Product Management and Marketing, ERDAS. “With true interoperability, ERDAS APOLLO simplifies the complexity of geospatial data, making it easier for users to manage and distribute information to a large audience.”

Already supporting the Oracle database and PostgreSQL for persisting intelligent metadata and application specific information, ERDAS APOLLO is known for its ability to leverage existing business systems. In ERDAS APOLLO 2010, Version 10.1, the same catalog functionalities will now be supported for Microsoft SQL Server, including cataloging of rich geospatial metadata.

ERDAS APOLLO implements OGC Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) standards, meeting cataloging (CS-W) and dissemination (WFS, WCS, WMS, WMC) requirements. Now, users can also set up WFS and WFS-T services over the Microsoft SQL Server for access to vector data and editing of spatial geometries and attributes.

Existing ERDAS APOLLO customers can upgrade to ERDAS APOLLO 2010, Version 10.1 by visiting the product page on To learn more about ERDAS, please call +1 770 776 3400, toll free +1 877 GO ERDAS.

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