Hemisphere GPS Announces the New Integrated Outback S3 and Outback AutoMate

Calgary, AB — May 3, 2010 — (TSX: HEM) Hemisphere GPS announces the availability of supplemental software release for Outback S3 that allows users to configure and operate Outback AutoMate from the S3 user interface.

Users can now configure AutoMate features, operate AutoMate, and view spray or planting data on the moving map – all from the S3 touch screen interface.

Outback AutoMate is an automatic section control product that works directly with all Outback Guidance® products and delivers one of the industry’s quickest returns on investment. This new software release improves efficiency by allowing users to perform various AutoMate tasks through the familiar S3 interface. After configuring AutoMate from within the S3, users can begin a basic spray or planting job and create field boundaries and no spray/plant zones. Once users create no-spray/plant zones in the S3, AutoMate turns off implement sections that enter these zones. To ensure complete coverage without overlap, AutoMate turns sections on or off as they leave or enter previously applied areas. For complete control, users can generate both a field boundary and up to eight no-spray/plant zones for a job.

"The software update is really targeted at enhancing our customer’s experience with the Outback S3 and Outback AutoMate systems," says Jeff Farrar, Director of Marketing, Agriculture, for Hemisphere GPS. "We have made it easier, faster, and more affordable for Outback S3 owners to pair their guidance system with Outback AutoMate."

The new software is currently available for download by Outback S3 owners at www.outbackguidance.com. As with all Outback Guidance products, the new Outback S3 and Outback AutoMate units include a standard one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. An exclusive three-year Extended Service Program (ESP) is also available at the time of purchase. Outback S3 and Outback AutoMate are available online at www.outbackguidance.com or through Outback Guidance Centers and select Hemisphere GPS distributors worldwide.Hemisphere GPS designs and manufactures innovative, cost-effective GPS products for positioning, guidance, and machine control applications in agriculture, marine, construction, and other markets. The Company holds numerous patents and other intellectual property and owns several leading brand names, including Outback Guidance®, a leading brand in precision GPS for agriculture. The Company is headquartered in Calgary , Albert a , with major product development, sales, and marketing facilities in Arizona , Kansas , and Australia . Hemisphere GPS is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) trading under the symbol “HEM” and is one of the TSX Cleantech designated companies. For more information about Hemisphere GPS, please go to www.hemispheregps.com.