Spatial Energy and TCarta Marine LLC Announce Strategic Partnership

Boulder, CO. April 27, 2010 –  Spatial Energy announced today they have entered into a new strategic partnership agreement with TCarta Marine LLC  to exclusively offer TCarta Marine digital geospatial data and advanced GIS services globally to the energy sector.

TCarta Marine offers the finest commercially available bathymetric data and models, as well as high-resolution DEMs, custom vectors sets and data conversion services, to help oil and gas companies with exploration, production and maintenance initiatives.

TCarta produces high-resolution 3D bathymetric models for all of the world’s oceans from an archive of over 6,000 bathymetric charts.  TCarta Marine’s bathymetric GIS data suite includes the 90 meter resolution grid, bathymetric contours and sounding points, and a 1:60,000 scale coastline digitized from satellite imagery. All the data is packaged and delivered in a format, projection, and datum to fit client requirements.

TCarta Marine’s bathymetric models are used for GIS desktop analysis by users who need high-resolution data that is dramatically better than publicly available data at a fraction of the cost of acquiring survey data. 

Bud Pope, President at Spatial Energy said, “We’re excited to announce that we can now offer TCarta 90m bathymetric models for most of the world’s marine areas, and higher-resolution models for many near-shore areas, to our global Oil & Gas customers.  Our clients are increasingly seeking low cost, high quality, global data sets for exploration, tidal siting, subsea telecommunications, pipeline routing, survey planning and environmental research. The TCarta bathymetry data sets exceed the quality and accuracy of any other commercially available global bathymetry dataset.”

Kyle Goodrich, President at TCarta Marine commented, “We are glad to have signed a partnership agreement with Spatial Energy and become a part of their portfolio of leading imagery suppliers. They have rapidly become the recognized imagery expert for the energy sector.  TCarta looks forward to working with Spatial Energy to provide our data sets and bathymetry solutions expertise to customers in the petroleum, gas and mining industries.”

About Spatial Energy
Serving four of the five top Fortune 100 oil and gas companies on a daily basis, Spatial Energy offers imagery solutions, enterprise hosting and delivery, and imagery analysis on behalf of the energy industry. Spatial Energy is solely dedicated to meeting the needs of energy companies operating worldwide. To that end, it acquires, processes, and manages the world’s most extensive collection of high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery, topographic maps, and digital elevation models (DEMs). Known for its innovative tools and its extensive data provider network, Spatial Energy is committed to providing cost-effective, simple tools to help energy access imagery across the enterprise. By reducing the cost, time, and effort associated with acquiring and analyzing complex imagery, Spatial Energy helps energy companies turn imagery from a time-consuming task into a corporate asset. For more information on Spatial Energy, visit

About TCarta Marine LLC
TCarta Marine is a comprehensive source for digital geospatial data and advanced GIS service. Since 2001, we have helped companies find and use the data they need for projects around the world. The sectors we serve include telecommunications, environmental research and conservation, and petroleum and mineral exploration and extraction. We pride ourselves on our very competitive pricing and the fastest delivery times in the GIS industry for all types of data products, including high-resolution DEMs, custom vectors sets, and the finest commercially available bathymetric data and models. Further details of applications can be found at