Blue Marble offers Geodesy and Software Training in Calgary

Gardiner, Maine – April 23, 2010 – Blue Marble Geographics ( announces an opportunity to experience popular Applied Geodesy and Software Training in Calgary on May 19th. Bridging the gap between highly accurate survey data and user-friendly GIS data, the Blue Marble Desktop easily translates survey and CAD data into GIS data, grid to geographic. Blue Marble’s geospatial data manipulation and conversion solutions are used worldwide by thousands of GIS analysts at software companies, universities, oil and gas companies, civil engineering, surveying, technology, enterprise GIS groups, and government and military organizations.

Blue Marble has a long track record of training surveyors and GIS users about the intricacies of geodetics, including coordinate systems, projections, datums, and other essential concepts, through applied hands-on software training. These daylong sessions are in-depth training courses based on Blue Marble’s toolkit of powerful data conversion applications. They are useful both as an introduction for the novice and as a refresher for the expert surveyor. Blue Marble’s batch processing tools are saving companies around the world time and money and thus helping them to realize a return on their investment (ROI) quickly by creating new efficient, powerful workflows.  See why GIS experts around the world are utilizing Blue Marble Geographics software and services to increase the accuracy and reliability of their geospatial data.

Geographic Calculator training will be on Wednesday May 19th at the Ramada Hotel in Downtown Calgary. Whether you’ve attended before, or this is your first class, there’s always something new to learn! Go to to register today.  If you would like a more in-depth or customized software training Blue Marble is still accepting applications for on-site training that week as well.

Some of the concepts covered in this training (Desktop 2.1 featuring Geographic Calculator 7.4 & Transformer 6.1):
• Bring your own data and apply your knowledge for an immediate return
• Evaluate the Spatial Connect Module, which gives users the ability to read and write to ESRI Geodatabase, ArcSDE and much more
• Extend the geodetic power of ArcGIS using the Calculator extension
• Explore other Desktop features, including administration tools to ensure data quality throughout your organization
• Windows Explorer application integration
• Dockable windows
• Ability to share and export work spaces
• The largest, most reliable and accurate coordinate transformation library
Don’t be left out! For further details, please call Blue Marble at +001 207-582-6747, or send an email to and reserve your spot today. 

About Blue Marble Geographics
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